The Tomorrow People

Season 1 Episode 3

Girl, Interrupted

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 23, 2013 on The CW
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Girl, Interrupted

When Stephen is convinced by Astrid to attend a party he is shocked to discover one of his classmates is in trouble, he reaches out to John and Cara for help but they refuse to come to his aide because they don't help humans. Stephen must deal with feelings from his own traumatic past when he tries to secretly get Cara to help anyway.

With Stephen now working at ULTRA, John gives him a mission to infiltrate their computer to give The Tomorrow People an advantage in finding new break-outs.


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  • Exceptional back story.

    An episode today that encapsuled what happened to Cara and how she came to discover her powers. It was extreemely compelling and really saddening to watch, and no wonder she has a lot to deal with.

    Very interesting scenes in the present as well - I loved the whole thing with Emily, although what will she think now about a mysterious lady appearing and disappearing in her car? Maybe she will think she imagined it lol.

    I also loved the ending with Astrid - she is a great character, and I can't wait to see how she goes about this. Stephen did try to tell her in episode one but failed - I wonder why he didn't just show her again... I thought that was a littl eodd.

    Great episode - can't wait for more!moreless
  • Good episode.

    Good episode, but I'm not sure how long this can carry on without being too 'samey' every week.

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    • Cara: You can't change what happened.
      Stephen: No. You also don't have to let it define you. Maybe we were given these powers for a reason. You know? Our being able to help people like Emily, it's not playing God. It's just being human.
      Cara: You're a real cup's-half-full kinda guy, aren't you? I like that.

    • Cara: You're right. The real reason not to help these people isn't because it's reckless. It's pointless. They don't deserve saving.
      Stephen: You don't mean that.
      Cara: The people you love, they don't know the truth about you. If, when, they discover there's a freak living in their midst, then you'll find out who they really are...

    • Stephen: One of my classmates, who's been having pretty serious mental problems, is thinking about killing herself.
      Jedikiah: Oh, that's tragic.
      Stephen: So... I-I should try to help her?
      Jedikiah: What was it that Stalin once said? "When one man dies it's a tragedy, when millions die, it's a statistic." Well, obviously he was a monster. And he had it backwards. Because what happens if by using your powers to help this person, you accidentally reveal to the rest of the world that there's a new species living amongst them? One that could read their thoughts, steal their secrets, prey upon them. Humans would either try to exploit you or kill you and then millions would die, of your kind and mine. And that would indeed be a tragedy.
      Stephen: So what does make Emily? Is she the statistic?
      Jedikiah: You can't save everybody.

    • Cara: You dig around in people's minds, you'll find everyone has a sad story.
      Stephen: You talking from experience?
      Cara: Not that I'd like to share.
      Stephen: Okay, wait... So what? We just ignore them?
      Cara: Forget about their kind. We'll be lucky if we can save our own species.

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