The Tomorrow People

Season 1 Episode 21

Kill Switch

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 28, 2014 on The CW
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Kill Switch
Russell decides to sacrifice Roger. Meanwhile, John turns to Astrid for advice.
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  • An episode full of turncoats and back stabbers

    An episode full of turncoats and back stabbers who really shouldn't be saved.
  • Spectacular!

    A really good episode as usual with massive events that influence the course of the show greatly - well they would if the next episode wasn't the last... Sad to say that we are almost through for good, but we can enjoy while it lasts and this one had a lot to enjoy.

    I like the fact that Jedikiah got his powers and I think that could have been the most insane of cliffhangers with which to end a season, but I wonder what they have planned for next week since it clearly wasn't the last one!

    I also really enjoyed all the drama in the lair, even though some of those Tomorrow People are legitimately delusional. There was no shortage of drama with a now human HJohn either...

    All up it was a phenomenal episode. Can't wait for more! Excited for the finale, but sad at the same time...moreless
  • This show takes ridiculous to a whole new level

    I really hate Russell's gang of idiots. They were the morons that walked into ultra and took the shot after being warned by Cara and Stephen, if they die that is their fault. I don't even know why they were allowed back into the lair. This also means that John lost his powers for no reason. He got caught so Roger wouldn't and than this happens. Grrrrr I hate this show it is absolutely ridiculous and Russell sucks. Also someone explain to me why Roger couldn't just freeze time to deal with the situation? IDIOTS everyone.

    I also hate how this show doesn't address any emotional impacts or loss of relationships it makes the connections between the characters seem imaginary. Hillary dies and Stephen has a 5 second conversation about how he feels bad. John and Astrid instantly start addressing their attraction, while Cara and Stephen start going back to flirting. I mean I prefer Astrid to Cara so good, but it is just insulting to the relationships that have been established that they do this back and forth spur of the moment crap. It is like the writers can't decide who they want their characters to be or how they want them to interact with each other on a regular basis. This whole episode was annoying and I hate that they added these random idiot characters.moreless
  • Shut the front door

    Aside from loving the fact that phrase made it into the show I found this episode profoundly annoying. Particularly the random character (don't know her character name) who appeared 1 episode ago to just be an annoying, whiny bint. I hate when a character is solely created to provide a dissenting voice, she has no back story, just there to serve this one purpose. Lazy writing.
  • pile of steaming manure

    that had to be the worst episode of an already ridiculously stupid show. it made me angry it was so bad.

    hilary having a psychic moment with stephen whilst simultaneously explaining to the founder that she was about to blow him up, thus giving him the time to dodge the explosion, was profoundly stupid. she deserved to find herself decorating the walls of his office.

    natalie needs to be punched in the face, repeatedly. then russell completely undoes his entire character development for the entire season in one single episode. russell too needs to be punched in the face, repeatedly.

    jed is so convoluted that anything he does is now to be both expected and unexpected simultaneously, his multi-faceted personality disorder has become so profoundly absurd that at this point it is just plain-old lazy writing. jed needs to be punched in the face, repeatedly.

    the only reason i will watch the finale is because i have wasted a small portion of my life watching up to this point. when this season is finally over, i may well have to punch myself in the face. repeatedly. i highly doubt i will watch any further episodes, assuming this garbage is renewed.


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    • Stephen: Okay, Cara, out of my head.
      Cara: I'm just trying to--
      Stephen: No, no, you hack into people's brains. You learn their vulnerabilities, but you don't let anyone know how you're really feeling.
      Cara: That is because I am scared. You want to know how I'm feeling? My friends are dying and I am second-guessing every decision I have ever made. Only I can't admit that because I am supposed to be the strong one. And now John's gone, and I am doing everything I can not to fall apart. That is how I am feeling.

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