The Tomorrow People

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 09, 2013 on The CW
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When Stephen Jameson begins hearing voices and waking up in strange places he discovers he is a member of a highly evolved race of people with superhuman abilities. Seeking answers leads him to discover others of his kind called The Tomorrow People. He discovers The Tomorrow People are caught in a struggle for survival against an evil paramilitary group known as ULTRA who seek to destroy them all.

Stephen also learns there may be more to the mysterious disappearance of his father than he'd ever imagined and he discovers his own ties to Dr. Jedikiah Price, ULTRA's ruthless leader could be deadly.


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  • Very interesting start!

    Saw an ad for this show and I thought it looked interesting, so I decided to watch it. The first few minutes were admittedly really confusing, but the last half hour was very good, very intense and laid the platform for what will ultimately follow.

    I like the cast, inclduing some interesting people for sure. The storyline interests me, and I haven't seen the original so I can't exactly compare it to anything.

    Overall, it was enjoyable, and I'm looking forwrd to seeing more!moreless
  • Extremely rushed start, hollywood-ish actors, inappropriate reactions, mediocre acting but descent mystery and it's only the premiere...


    OK, this is is one of the series I've been waiting for some time now. Knowing that despite the common minuses CW adds to all its series (like the hollywood-ish actors and the cliche characters) when it wants to make a good series, it just does it. Of course, this is just the beginning and the show will probably get better as the season goes by since it does have a mysterious atmosphere and suspense. But there are so many defects on its premiere... Let's count them, shall we?

    1) Extremely rushed start is something uncommon for "original" (non spin-off) series, but THE TOMORROW PEOPLE is really rushing its plot like a demon. We didn't even have a good look to the characters and the scenes were passing by my screen uncomfortably quick...

    2) Hollywood-ish actors is something extremely common for all the CW series. From THE VAMPIRE DIARIES to ARROW, all actors and characters are extremely polished and unrealistic for "ordinary" people. This happens to THE TOMORROW PEOPLE as well, something totally expected. But there is something to save the characters, hey, they are at least not rich.

    3+4) Inappropriate reactions of the characters are a common defect when it comes from mediocre actors, it's probably not the writers' fault. Of course, exception for the mediocre acting is the magnificent Mark Pellegrino who literally saves the episode with his excellent acting skills and a known-to-be-bad face on my screen is something really satisfying.

    And here we are, the big positive element of the show. Mystery and suspense with a promising plot. Despite the pilot has major defects, mystery is set in a descent way, the protagonist seems to be a different mutation, much more powerful and promising. However, his (once again) rushed decision to join the known-to-be-bad face of the show to find out about his father who didn't want to hear about 10 minutes ago is ruining it a bit, writers' fault!

    Another positive and promising element is the plot twists, also a common thing for the CW series. The "big bad" turns out to be the protagonist's uncle and despite he wanted to cure his nephew 6 hours ago, he decides to keep him "*** superior" and work for the mysterious government agency called ULTRA which has one simple task: to locate and neutralize mutants. But despite it has developed a serum which reconstructs DNA back to the human form (let's call it a cure), the big bad portrayed by Mark Pellegrino likes killing the mutants, who, for a mysterious way, cannot commit murder, another mysterious plot twist which awaits to be explained.

    To sum up, I will stick with it for the rest of the season to have the opportunity to rate the whole show for its first season.moreless
  • I'm a little on the fence with this show

    I'm a little on the fence with this show, The Tomorrow people can't kill, so we will be reliving the days of unrealistic 80's shows like the A Team where there were explosions and gunfire but no one ever got hurt. Sadly Arrow seems to be going the same way. Is this some new CW fad? Good casting though, Mark Pellegrino seems to be in all the shows over the last few years, he always plays a great baddie. Surprised to see Madeleine Mantock from the UK show Casualty, and I can't get over how much Robbie Amell looks like his cousin.moreless
  • Stylish, with little substance.


    While at times slick, TTP never really convinces you of what it's selling. The entire premise, although far from boring, never transports you to any new areas, with characters slotting into their perfunctory roles of exposition without offering us a glimpse of characters worth rooting for. When the reveal that Stephen has joined his uncle's elite team takes place, it's not so much of a shock, and that's mainly down to the cardboard cut-outs that have nifty powers. And even at that, the writers cannot commit to genuine tension, revealing that Stephen is, infact, acting as a double agent for the good guys.moreless
  • A good start

    I had my doubts about this. I tend to dislike American remakes of British shows as they often seem to loose something in the translation and move to the US.

    But this seemed to start off well. I liked that they have kept the basic premiss the same and the Stephen seems to be as I would have thought. I kinda got a massive "Jumper" feel from this episode (based on my reading of the books not the god awful movie).

    This shows promise and if they get a good balance with Stephen working for Ultra but presumably feeling allegiance to the rest of the gang who are running/hiding from them, this could be good.

    I only vaguely remember the 90's remake as I was just out of school when it came out so was a little "old" for it at the time. I don't remember the original at all as I was took young for that! But if this keeps going I think we may at last have a good UK-to-US remake which make not turn out to be a stinking pile for once.moreless

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    • Cara: I know you have a life here. A family. But the people who are like us? The ones we found? The ones we will find? They are my family. I'm not gonna let anything happen to them. And I won't let anything happen to you. Now, please, Stephen. Just come with me.
      Stephen: You know, when you first started talking to me the mysterious voice in my head. Even when I thought I was crazy I trusted you. I have to find out what happened to my dad, okay? Whether or not he's a hero, if he's alive, I have to know. But there's only one way I can find him without losing everyone else. Now, I know you're gonna think I'm crazy for doing this--
      Cara: Stephen, you have no idea what you're getting yourself into.
      Stephen: Cara. It's your turn to trust me.

    • Stephen: You think I'm crazy.
      Astrid: I didn't say that.
      Stephen: No, no. I'm telling you, there's a reason for everything that I've been through, okay? Every unexplained symptom, every misdiagnosis, and you're taking their side?
      Astrid: No, I'm not.
      Stephen: You want me to be crazy, is that it?
      Astrid: Listen, I stuck by you, and your whole year of crazy, because I care about you. And just so you know, everybody didn't leave. You pushed them away. Which is exactly what you're doing to me.

    • Astrid: Well, are you taking your meds?
      Stephen: Yes! Astrid, I'm taking my meds, but maybe I need something a little stronger like an ice pick lobotomy, or maybe I should just save everyone the trouble and check myself into the loony bin.
      Astrid: Okay. Let me see your pills.
      Stephen: Why?
      Astrid: I just want to check to see if being a raging dick is a side effect?
      Stephen: Okay, good one.

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