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    I don't know why this show was canceled, but they need to reconsider and bring it back. It had such a promising future I know it.

    I really love this show!! Whenever I missed a episode, I would go on my phone to watch it.. That's how much I liked it.. The action was awesome and there was always a surprise twist! Cara and Russell were my favorite characters and jedikah was to and Stephen. I was super mad when I heard they were going to cancel it! Like really?! The plot is a bit of a played out theme but it works perfectly for this.. Please bring it back!
  • seriously!!!!!

    what is wrong with you people !!!!
  • N-O-W !!!

    We want this show back as soon as possible!!
  • Bring it back

    My co-workers and I got addicted to this show and now it is cancelled. Bring it back. We all love it!
  • Makes quite the use out of 4+ powers :P Curious in the original too

    Most ep (13-14)
  • really!!!

    so they cancel the tomorrow people and renew beauty and the beast!!!! really!!!!!
  • I've lost faith in humanity...

    I don't understand why people prefer to keep shows like jerseyshore or kardashians which only diminish people mental capacity instead keeping ones that allows us to be creative imaginators (yes, I made that up).
  • 3 T's: Telepathy, Teleportation & Telekinesis Ingenious!

    To the cast, writers, directors, producers, production & distribution companies you're all amazing!

    You've created a show that's beyond humans imagination that encourages you to believe the impossible

    This show is worth the hassle! It may not be some peoples cup of tea, hey ho. They don't know what they're missing! They don't know true goodness when they see it

    Don't crush others dreams & happiness. Just because some can't appreciate the hard work of the master piece. We truly appreciate it

    If you get enough reviews please bring it back?

    I'm rating it a 10!! Well deserved! I don't know why it says 9.5
  • tomorrow people

    you cant just cancel the show like that its a great show


    This is a really good show. I look ford to seeing it every week. Five other of my mates also love this show. We want another series.
  • I want more Tomorrow People!

    I liked the Tomorrow People :( Do I have an argument as to why to keep it on. Not really I just liked it. I looked foreword to this show every week.
  • The first few episodes were ho-hum, but at some point it kicked into high gear...

    I found the first few episodes of the show, maybe the first 5 or so, to be a very ho-hum cookie cutter teeny bopper super powers show. It didn't have the same appeal for me that Alphas had and not enough super-powery fun.

    However at some point the show really kicked it into high gear by dropping a plot bombshell at the end of every episode that basically dropped your jaw with the next episode explaining or elaborating on that bombshell. Some of them were rather 'holy moments and not at all deus ex turn of events.

    In all honesty I feel the first quarter of the season was a little weak and didn't retain the people that would have enjoyed the direction the show took. Part of me also thinks if they had Stephen just a bit more super-powery than they portrayed him and more than everyone else, people might have wanted to see more.
  • Bye Bye Tomorrow People

    It will sorely be missed. Aside from the eye candy and storyline, it was a great show!

    CW has confirmed the cancellation of The Tomorrow People...
  • slow start but good show

    have to say at the beginning it wasn't so much interesting but in the last few episodes, the series has gotten more interesting
  • Dull Dull Dull

    What a terribly boring program. I watched the first episode and came to the swift conclusion that this Tv Series is not worth my effort.

    Terrible action and a very THIN story plot provide the recipe for a unintelligent show. I suspect this was written by kids or immature adults hoping to cash in on the current infestation of CSI/Fringe type programs that are flooded on the current market. You can see it is written for teens.

    Very wooden acting throughout with over enthusiastic actors provide a recipe for disaster.

    Please stop these terrible shows... The Tomorrow people isn't clever funny or entertaining in any form whatsoever.

    Its brain melting at best. I can't think of a single good thing to say so I'd better shut up.

    The original 70's Tomorrow People was written for children.... not much has changed in 30 years....
  • Love the show

    Remember the original and was certainly a great concept, so pleasure to see an updated version. Ok takes a little time to get in to but then doesn't every decent show. Certinly worth a second season as curious to see how the characters develop
  • cool show

    this is a great show, i really hope they don't kill it after 1 season!!!
  • Renewal, pretty please?

    Please get this show renewed!
  • Great Show!

    Yes, it was a bit slow at first. But it has built and built. The suspense has you counting the days until the next episode. Each episodes cliffhanger has you dying for more.

    There is so much potential to expand the story, it would be a shame if they killed it off after only one season.
  • Dont be stupid it is a realy great show

    I cant wait for a new episode i need it to live it is the best show :)

  • It's a very good serie

    I love this show a lot hop it has a second season :)

    Tomorrow people was tedious at first. It is hard to toss up whether or not it is worth your time, but if you take the time to watch it from the beginning, I can guarantee you you will love it! No, it is not like pretty little liars, it is better! There is more action and less drama. It balances out the mama drama with the action. Much less talking and way more walking. Before judging, it watch it! I absolutely love it now, and You should LOVE IT TOO! -xoxo gossip girl.
  • Best serie Ive ever seen

    Is the best serie ive ever seen, I reccomend it a lot, Im waiting excited for the next episode!
  • goood

    this show is realy good!

    first i thinkthis was yet another teen show drama,but i was wrong,this show is realy ok!

    but what about episode 14,dont tell me this only has 13 episode per season,that would realy suck,cant waight for the next episode with what is going on with the mother/brother thing

    love the mother nina myers hehe
  • Yesterday People

    This was on in the 70s/80s and still as rubbish. Special effects are ok but story is seriously lacking. Wont be watching this again. Instead watching Almost human 10/10.
  • Fast pace, interesting story, bad acting, 50/50 nice/annoying characters

    The Story: is fast paced and has a lot of twists. The characters many times act stupidly (usually so as to serve the plot) but the plot itself is quite interesting. Watching this show is not something you feel the need to do but it is not boring either. If you are not looking for something deep, it can provide you with one fun hour. > 9/10 <

    The Performances: not the best but some of them are fairly good (sadly not the protagonist's). > 5/10 <

    The Characters: Steven (protagonist) = good person but kind of boring, Cara (Co-Leader) = dynamic female figure but flawed, John (Co-Leader) = secretive and strong but with many issues, Rass (Leaders' close friend) = happy with problematic past (most people love him but I find him pretentious), Astrid (Steven's and Cara's friend) = Idiot and annoying, only exists to make us wish for her not to do so. In my opinion it is ridiculous that they had to be teenagers. A similar story with people in their 25-50s would be equally if not more interesting/fun to watch/consistent. > 6/10 <

    PS: Paranormal = not normal [para is a word that declares oppositeness], something that cannot be explained with science. WTH are you talking about maryannflasch? However I have to admit that those guys do make science with the Tomorrow People (rip power serums etc). So if they end up explaining why those people have these paranormal powers, then they will stop being paranormal and they will be normal.
  • I'm trying... I'm desperate to like this as a fan of the Nick Kiddy Show... I have hope.

    I'm only on episode 2 but I'm hoping that it gets better. So far it's a bad rip off and combo of the Nick version combined with the mid 1990's X-Men animated series.

    The Nick series was what really pushed me down the path of uber-fandom and sci-fi geekiness. If this goes bad, it will shatter a !lifetime of hope for mainstream sci-fi.

    They keep using the word "paranormal" and its pissing me off.

    Paranormal = extra normal

    An evolutionary advancement is the opposite of paranormal.

    It's getting tiresome.

    And the bad CG on the building is annoying...
  • Really?

    Watched the 8. episode and this was the last one for me. The Tomorrow people are dumber than a Neandertal. The piano wiz-kid stumbles against a bowl? And he of all is going alone to the guy in the room? She shows that she still has her powers? Thank you! If I want to see stupid people I go in a mall.
  • Ho-hum! Seen it before

    Seen it before, numerous times. The show was called different names with different actors, but the plots, attitudes and cast interactions are the same. The men(boys?) are a bit pathetic but likeable, the women(girls) are strong and savvy. They also ALWAYS win in a fight with the men, even those who haven't been trained. Everyone is fit. Everyone acts to type.

    The original UK show was for children and was very popular. This attempt to make a show for .... errrmm.. who exactly? Well it's not firing on all six, and now each episode feels so similar to the previous ones that it isn't worth watching anymore.

    The only notable thing about the show is that it's made a main character, Cara, into the most unlikeable creature imaginable. Now that takes some doing!
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