The Tomorrow People

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 22, 2014 on The CW
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Stephen and his fellow ULTRA trainees are given a test by Jedikiah to determine their worthiness as Agents but not everyone is happy to work as a team.

Cara is faced with a visitor from her past and John works with a new breakout while Russell is sent on a dangerous recon mission that could force a clash between different groups of Tomorrow People


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  • Nice ep.

    Not the most unmissable episode but an interesting one nonetheless as we are introduced to a character who could play a role moving forward. I thought the storyline was interesting, but as I said, not exactly unmissable.

    The stuff at Ultra was good although a little unexpected. I thought it felt like there was an episode missing between the last and this one.

    But was a good episode nonetheless!moreless
  • Standard episode

    Standard episode with nothing very interesting.
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    • Cara: (referring to Stephen and John) If I am such a great leader, why can't I get them figured out?
      T.I.M.: Perhaps you enjoy the thrill of being pursued simultaneously by two equally desirable mates.
      Cara: It was rhetorical, T.I.M.
      T.I.M.: Right. Sorry. I'll be quiet.

    • Cara: I heard from Stephen. Julian got away. Doubt he'll forgive and forget.
      John: You stood up to him and won. That's what he won't forget.
      Cara: He'll come back for me. We'll always have to live with a guard up.
      John: How's that different from how we live now? That's leadership during wartime. There is no end.
      Cara: This fun just goes on and on.

    • Charlotte: I'm trying to do what you said. I'm concentrating on my breathing.
      John: No, you're learning to concentrate on your breathing. Once you master it, you'll be able to... you'll be able to take all that anger, frustration, confusion, and turn it into something good.
      Charlotte: How do you know all this?
      John: Well, I was taken by Ultra when I was your age. Maybe even younger.
      Charlotte: It seems like you turned out okay.
      John: Well, only after I was able to take my fear of them, what I thought was my greatest weakness, and turn it into something powerful.
      Charlotte: How?
      John: By taking all the darkness that's trapped inside you, and using it as a weapon. Close your eyes, Charlotte. Close your eyes. All those horrible memories are like clouds passing through your mind. And the cloud that's about Ultra is black. And it blocks out the sun. But now imagine that you reach out with one hand. You take that black cloud and... ( Charlotte throw him across the room.)
      Charlotte: Destroy it.
      John: (smiles) Destroy it.

    • Morgan: (referring to Charlotte) Her attacks are starting to attack everyone around her. It's only getting worse. With all they've been through recently, people are starting to talk.
      John: About what?
      Morgan: About kicking her out of the lair. I didn't say I was for it.
      John: Because that's what they do here now? Kick the weak from the herd.
      Morgan: Look maybe the group is just starting to feel a little unsettled. You know, being under new leadership and all. Hey, look, we all feel sorry for the kid.
      Cara: So what, we just put her back on the street? Let Ultra snatch her up again? Is that what you guys want? Chloe's first month, she screamed in her sleep. And before we trained him, Dunbar's telekinesis was like a firehouse. If we kicked out everyone who showed up with bruises, this place would be empty. Charlotte stays.

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