The Tomorrow People

Season 1 Episode 18

Smoke and Mirrors

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 31, 2014 on The CW
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Stephen tires of Jedikiah's constant lies about his father, so he makes a choice about his alliances and tries to bring in a new break-out to ULTRA to see if things have really changed. Meanwhile, Luca disappears after Jedikiah forces Stephen to protect him.

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  • The saga of 'is Jedikiah a good guy or a bad guy' continues

    The saga of 'is Jedikiah a good guy or a bad guy' continues, and I'm still not sure!
  • Big episode!

    This was a great episode which took the story forward significantly. John and Cara try to save a new breakout while Stephen is testing the waters with the Founder and Ultra, while Jedikiah makes a power play to wrest control and gain Stephen's trust in some capacity.

    I really enjoyed the scenes with both the Founder and Jedikiah - you just don't know who to trust, and who not to trust, or more accurately, you don't know who you trust less!

    Overall it's just amazing - can't wait to see the last few episodes!moreless
  • Again and Again

    Why does anyone trust anyone else on this show any more? Every week it's 'oh but I've changed' and then they do something to show hah, that was just a ploy for me to manipulate you all over again. It's like a Ferris Wheel, forever turning, going nowhere
  • Not sure..

    My head the entire time I was watching the episode: "Don't trust the founder" "Don't trust the founder" "Don't trust the founder" "Don't trust the founder"
  • Clever Title

    Interesting that the Founder and the team can find the Magician, and Hilary alone can find Luca, but none can find Jedikiah who, by the way, should be on TOP of their list?

    They didn't even try? why?

    Also, didn't understand how can Stephen not trusting the Founder willingly chose to try out his doubtful machine, having warned by Jed (about stopping time), which would affect his Dad or even the Tomorrow people ?moreless

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    • Cara: Hillary is clouding your judgment.
      Stephen: You are unbelievable. You said you and I were a mistake.
      Cara: We are a mistake.
      Stephen: And what about Hillary? She's a mistake too?
      Cara: She's an Ultra agent.
      Stephen: You know that's not the reason. Come on, Cara. Don't make me read your mind.
      Cara: Just because I'm jealous, doesn't mean I'm wrong. At least I can keep my feelings and my judgment separate.
      Stephen: Yeah, you've done a great job with that.
      Cara: Stephen. If you have lost sight of why you've gone undercover in Ultra in the first place, it's more than just my feelings that'll get hurt.

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