The Tomorrow People

Season 1 Episode 22

Son of Man

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 05, 2014 on The CW
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Son of Man

Stephen finds his father at ULTRA after some of The Tomorrow People abduct him. And Stephen wants his revenge on The Founder for taking his family apart.

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  • The End

    The founder was defeated, The humans was saved. the End.
  • Explosive conclusion!

    So most of the episode wrapped up a lot of storylines that had been bubbling and there were some insane moments. So much drama, intense scenes and amazing action.

    Then we got to a point right before the end where all seemed good with the wrodl. Of course at the time they didn't know that this woud be the last episode ever and so we got some scenes afterwards that did not finish the storyline on a high.

    However, it was still a phenomenal final episode. I really wish there was more to come. It is a phenomenal show that constantly delivers, and the last few minutes opened so many new and exciting possibilities!

    Shame we well never get to see those unfold...

    I am so sad to see this show go. Phenomenal while it lasted.moreless
  • missed opportunity

    If they had ended the episode five minutes before what they showed on air, this would actually had been a real ending. The founder gone, humans saved, Cara and Steven in charge of the TP, Jed and John made up, John and Astrid kissing. But they had to prepare for a second season and destroyed this good feeling.

    Otherwise I can only say that this series was sadly a missed opportunity. There were a lot of plotholes, characters who made really bad decisions, characters who couldn't decide what kind of character they were ( I am looking at you Jed), not very good science ( transferring genetic powers from one person to the other, a machine who sucks out powers from a person and so on). The concept was really interesting and in the beginning they nicely introduced the main characters like John, Cara, Russell and Jed with some nice flashback stories, but then it just became kind of inconsistent as if they didn't really have a plan for the season and were just making it up as they went along. Characters flip flopped around without a proper character development and some just vanished for episodes on end ( like Stephen's mum and Astrid). I also thought that it was a problem that we only had three people in the lair who were in the stories. Like in Deep Space Nine, a cast of regular occurring minor characters would have made it more believable and interesting ( like the one who is their science geek).

    I can understand why they cancelled this, but I am still sad about the loss of this cool concept.moreless
  • liked all episodes

    I liked all the episodes I do hope that they bring it out on Dvd. Also shame on cw US tv channel for axing it so there won't be any more series because there will be questions that will never be answered just like back in the 90's with a series called my so called life and I have been very annoyed with that 10/10
  • No more tomorrows

    The tomorrow people missed a lot of opportunities. Like why keep all of these breakouts underground in a city where ultra is hunting them and they have to live like sewer rats to survive. Why didn't they just keep a core of freedom fighters and ferry the rest to safety. Even if they were looking for the promised land, there were other places they could have gone to in the meantime. To sell fantasy, you have to sell the characters and the actors have to make the characters seem like real people. The characters that I miss most will be John, he was complex and well portrayed by Luke Mitchell and Jedikiah played by Mark Pellegrino.moreless

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    • Stephen: Our future is only as small as our imagination.
      Cara: I like that.
      Stephen: Thanks. I got it from a fortune cookie.
      Cara: You the lamest Chosen One ever.
      Stephen: Ever?

    • Astrid: I don't think anyone would think a dork like you could save the world.
      Stephen: Oh, thanks for that. Way to tame my ego.
      Astrid: Yeah, that's why I'm here.

    • Natalie: The Founder has offered us the world and you want to just hand it back to the humans?
      Russell: Look. I've made some major mistakes in my life, but mass extinction? That's where I draw the line.

    • Stephen: What happened to you?
      Cara: Natalie lead a team of agents down to the Lair. Only they've been mutated with the same recombinant gene therapy you're about to take.
      Stephen: His agents can kill. I have to do this, Cara. The Founder took my family, my father, Hillary, he took everything from me!
      Cara: I'm still here.
      Stephen: If we don't stop him, John, Astrid, Luca, they're all dead.
      Cara: I believe in you, Stephen. I have from the very start. The first time I heard your voice. I knew.
      Stephen: Knew what?
      Cara: That you'd be the one to save all of us.
      Stephen: How?
      Cara: It's not like this. Not by giving up your humanity.

    • Jedikiah: I wish I could take back what I did to you, John. It was for nothing. Now, my brother's gone and the world's gone to hell.
      John: And here you are, watching old movies.
      Jedikiah: Yes, indeed. You're, uh... you're all I have left. You're...
      John: Human. I'm just a man, now, Jed.
      Jedikiah: You're just a man? John. That is all a father could want for his son.

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