The Tomorrow People

Season 1 Episode 16


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 17, 2014 on The CW
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Stephen is still walking a fine line with his ULTRA partner Hillary who continues to question his loyalties.

When ULTRA and The Tomorrow People both learn of a breakout using her powers to benefit humans both sides seek her out to join their cause.

Meanwhile Morgan takes a risk and betrays Jedikiah's trust to help The Tomorrow People but Jedikiah learns something from her that is an even bigger surprise.


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  • Stephen learns that ultra plan to kill a female super hero

    Stephen learns that ultra plan to kill a female super hero (she wears a catsuit, mask, - the whole deal!) and Russell thinks he knows her identity. Jedikiah learns he's going to be a father, while Stephen makes a big discovery about his father.
  • Brilliant episode!

    This was a great episode introducing us to some superheroes which could greatly affect the course of Russell's life. We also learned a lot about Hillary and it was all very interesting and I can't wait to see where this goes next.

    Meanwhile there were massive developments in the search for Stephen's father culmniating in the most intense ending ever! Great cliffhnager!

    The show continues to deliver - can't wait for the next one!moreless
  • Mixed Feelings

    Liked how Hilary softened up this believe she kissed was a nice touch....

    The breakout of this week was to be honest she had a is the point of having powers, if you have to hide constantly and never be able to use it and help it was a very nice episode to watch that their powers can help people how Stephen helped

    Poor is pregnant and seem like he wants the kid...


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    • Hillary: Working with you has made me soft. All those things I told you. I'm not used to being this vulnerable.
      Stephen: What are you talking about?
      Hillary: I mean how else could I have missed the obvious? You didn't want to catch the breakout. You were doing everything in your power to subvert the operation.
      Stephen: If you have all these doubts about me, why don't you write up a report? What's stopping you from going to Jedikiah? (They kiss)
      Hillary: This is very unprofessional, Jameson. This type of behavior will not be tolerated. Debrief at HQ in 90 minutes.
      Stephen: Then maybe after that we can have a little debrief on the debrief.
      Hillary: I'm going to debrief you so hard.

    • Cara: Where are you going?
      Russell: I am done taking orders and being a prisoner to a hypothetical cause when I could be out there helping real people. Right now.
      Cara: Ultra is hardly hypothetical.
      Russell: We act like we have to choose between working for them or fighting them. That's a fake choice. There are dragons to slay. We were given swords. I say we choose greatness.

    • Mallory: Look, until Om Lam Chung's behind bars, trust me, this thing ain't over.
      Russell: Who's--
      T.I.M.: Om Lam Chung, leader of the Made to Kill Vietnamese American crime syndicate, currently awaiting trial under the RICO Act.
      Mallory: Bingo. What the snooty, disembodied voice thing said.
      T.I.M.: Perhaps I should turn myself off if my intelligence isn't welcome.
      Mallory: So sensitive.

    • Russell: Look, maybe it's time to reconsider our position. Do some good. We've been playing an awful lot of defense lately.
      Cara: Since when are you a philanthropist?
      Russell: Maybe I'm evolving. Maybe I don't want to see a teenage girl get raped by a bunch of gangsters.
      John: We got enough problems, Russell.
      Russell: Like finding our ghost hero who's lost in limboland? (to Stephen) No offense, dude.

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