The Tomorrow People

Season 1 Episode 13

Things Fall Apart

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 05, 2014 on The CW
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Stephen is upset with Jedikiah for going back on his word, forcing him to face The Founder.

In order to protect Astrid, Stephen must make a deal to bring in a powerful break-out and elsewhere John clashes with Cara which forces her to issue a harsh punishment.


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  • Huge reveal in this episode

    Huge reveal in this episode when we find out that Stephens mom is a TP! Which must now mean that Stephen is one of those super powered TP's with both parents being a TP. Finally, Cara kicks John out of the batcave. Good!
  • Spectacular hour!

    This was one of the best episodes thus far with further developments and a jaw-dropping conclusion. I expected Luca to be breaking out sooner or later but I didn't see this coming with the mother also being a Tomorrow Person... until she stormed into Ultra which is when I thought she might be.

    The scene with the bullets was spectacularly executed and it was brilliant! Meanwhile Cara is getting fond of power or so it seems - I kinda love the side of her we are seeing even though it is not pleasant to be around. Nonetheless, major changes are happening above and below.

    A great hour of TV!moreless
  • So crazy

    That last episode is so crazy. But Why Sarah gives a Mental traitement to Stephen if she knew? That's weird

    (Sorry for my english I'm from Paris)
  • lazy writers expecting too much suspension of disbelief

    A paranoid top-secret quasi-military organization wouldn't deactivate your clearance the MINUTE you quit?

    Give me a break. All I can think of is the writers were too lazy to figure out how Stephen could get back in to Ultra if he had quit.
  • WTF Worst Mother Ever

    I don't get it? Yes it was exciting to find out that (Sarah Clarke) Marla aka the mother has powers and therefor Stephen is also one of these pure TP with two TP parents. But for the 1st half of the season instead of sitting her son down and giving him the TP talk she tries to make him feel ashamed of his crazy unexplainable actions and sends him to a doctor to get medicated. I'm so glad she didn't have any daughters I can just imagine what she would do when they got their 1st period.moreless
Simon Merrells

Simon Merrells

The Founder

Guest Star

Serinda Swan

Serinda Swan

Cassandra Smythe

Guest Star

Reese Alexander

Reese Alexander

Henry Finch

Guest Star

Jacob Kogan

Jacob Kogan

Luca Jameson

Recurring Role

Sarah Clarke

Sarah Clarke

Marla Jameson

Recurring Role

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    • John: I will not be chastised for making the right damn decision!
      Cara: Keep your voice down.
      John: Let me save you the suspense, Cara. I am gonna do what I think is best for our people, no matter who's leader down here.
      Cara: John, don't.
      John: And if you're gonna threaten to kick me out every time I step out of line, you should just do it already.
      Cara: Finally some leadership advice I can actually use. Pack your stuff. You can say your goodbyes, and then you need to go. Goodbye, John. Good luck.

    • Cassandra: Why did you bring me here? Why are you telling me all this?
      John: 'Cause you're like us. You hate your father and everything he stands for. You want to keep him from hurting anyone else? Stephen is our best chance to stop him. He is working for us on the inside but he is about to be exposed and tortured, and the only way to help him is to give your father what he wants. You.
      Cassandra: (John takes her cuffs) What are you doing?
      John: I can't force you to go back to him, Cassie. But if you wanna stop your father, you'll save Stephen, and maybe he'll save all of us.

    • John: So, are we gonna talk about what happened?
      Cara: Nothing happened.
      John: I kissed you. And you kissed me back.
      Cara: It's old habits.
      John: Well, I'm pretty sure that one's not dead yet.
      Cara: It doesn't matter, what I want. When we're together, I can't be impartial. You of all people should understand. I can't put my feelings before the group.

    • Stephen: Well, you can still tell me about your old man, I promise to keep the overshare between us.
      Cassandra: Um, my Dad's powerful. Opinionated. A man who doesn't care about anyone, or anything. He just wants to win. At all costs.
      Stephen: You just described nearly every guy on the Fortune 500.

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