The Tomorrow People

Season 3 Episode 13

The Revenge of Jedikiah, Episode Three: Farewell Performance

Aired Unknown May 21, 1975 on ITV
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Finding Stephen and Tyso, Jedikiah forces them to lead him back to the Lab. He switches TIM off and places silencer bands on Stephen and Tyso to stop them from using their powers. Meanwhile Patricia starts to break out and teleports to the Lab, where she turns TIM back on. TIM has enough time to call the Timus of the Galactic Trig to help save the day.moreless

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  • A very interesting episode.

    I first saw this episode as a kid when it aired on Nickelodeon. Watching it now, I remember this episode being particularly scary and sad because I really thought the Tomorrow People weren't coming back.

    Anyway, watching it now over 20 years later on DVD, this episode is still good, but as an adult, I can see the plot holes and foibles that I just didn't notice as a kid.

    More on that later.

    This is an interesting episode as it is the guest stars--not the TPs who carry this episode. With John and Elizabeth in comas and Tyso and Stephen virtually sidelined as Jedekiah suspects Professor Cawston, Tricia, and Timus/Tikno handle the majority of the dialogue. Though they are virtually wrong at every guess, they act it very well.

    Saying that, this episode would make a great drinking game--not that I support such activities mind you.

    Here's how to play.

    Whenever anyone says "John...Elizabeth, or "John and Elizabeth," drink.

    Whenever someone gets an idea or theory completely and utterly wrong without realizing it, drink!

    Also, how cool that Tricia finally became fully telepathic. Too bad she remains at the Galactic Trig and never returns.

    This story arc is full of plot holes (exactly how did Tricia jaunt all the way to the lab without a belt), but is still good.moreless
John Lyons

John Lyons

Sergeant Evans

Guest Star

Bryan Stanion

Bryan Stanion

Prof. Cawston

Recurring Role

Ann Curthoys

Ann Curthoys

Tricia Conway

Recurring Role

Denise Cook

Denise Cook


Recurring Role

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Tricia becomes fully telepathic with jaunting abilities.

    • In the fourth episode of the Doomsday Men, Elizabeth immediately realizes that something has happened to a knocked-out Stephen. Yet both Stephen and Tyso fail to sense that both Elizabeth and John have been critically wounded.

      In this episode and the previous episode, there is really too much "shoot first and ask questions later."

      Jedekiah, posing as Evergreen, is alone with Stephen and Tyso for a long period of time, but does nothing to them.

      Exactly how does Jedekiah (posing as the sergeant) know that the disguised Tikno isn't supposed to be at the facilities.

      Tikno, who was shot in the back, has no visible bullet holes or blood on him.

      Exactly how did Jedekiah knock out both Tyso and Stephen? At least one of them should have been able to get away by jaunting.

      It's not made exactly clear how Jedekiah was jaunted to the lab. If somehow Tim sent a matter transporter to Stephen for Jedekiah to wear, then it would still make sense for Tim to just jaunt Jedekiah into space after he arrived in the lab.

      Tricia jaunts to the lab without the use of a jaunting belt.

      Where did Jedekiah get silence bands?

      At the trailer, Professor Cawston is constantly saying that they all need to stick together, but both he and the sergeant leave the trailer alone, which became detrimental for the sergeant.

      Timus asks Jedekiah about his demands. Jedekah confirms that he has asked for a spaceship to travel the universe. But when, how, and to whom exactly did Jedekiah make this demand?

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