The Tomorrow Show (1973)

NBC (ended 1982)


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  • Season 8
    • Episode dated 3 December 1980

      Host Tom Snyder's guests are John Denver, Barbara Burns, George Clements and John Lofton.

      Host Tom Snyder interviews singer-composer John Denver who talks about his unpublicized career as a photographer and his hectic schedule. He discusses Project Windstar, research project dealing with solar energy and displays a series of his photographs. He feels no pressure to make a hit record and says he has a happy family life. He reveals why he has a large gasoline tank in his home and mentions his dissatisfaction with the press. He sings "Perhaps Love."

      Syndicated columnist John Lofton discusses how the impending Reagan administration will be dominated by conservatives. He discusses the importance of the Moral Majority and criticisms leveled at various religious groups. He cites many inaccuracies in the press and offers his opinion of whats ahead for President-Elect Reagan.

      Roman Catholic Priest Fr. George Clements discusses his reasons for wanting to adopt a child and the church's reaction to this. He describes the school he runs for underprivileged children and how he would raise a child.

      Author of "An Insiders Guide to Cat Care - The Morris Approach," author Barbara Burns is joined by Morris the cat. She discusses Morris and the nature of cats. She tells how to train a cat and how Morris was discovered.

    • October 9, 1980
      October 9, 1980
      Episode 15

      Host Tom Snyder's guests are Producer Allan Carr comments on his recent vacation and that movie tickets are too expensive. He discusses his film "Can't Stop The Music" and explains that it did well in other nations, but not the U.S. Terry Fox, cancer patient, discusses his attempt to run across Canada on behalf of Cancer Research. He describes his experience with cancer and why he is running. Adventurer Jack Wheeler explains that he became one to get more out of life. He recounts his early experiences as the youngest Eagle Scout. He comments on his book "Adventures Guide." He shows souvenirs from his trips. Finkel and Fay Wheeden, musical comedy group, sing a song of the fifty States and other cities. They discuss how they got started. They explain why they are popular in the industrial show circus where they write songs for advertisers.

    • September 16, 1980

      Host Tom Snyder's guests are gossip columnist Rona Barrett, who will be West Coast anchor beginning October 27th, explains her nickname Miss Rona and discusses the screen actors strike which began because the actors want some of the profits of the video-cassette and cable software market. She gives details of how her journalism differs from her competitors, specifically the National Enquirer. Ken Stabler, Houston Oilers Quarterback, discusses his variety show, its format, the transition from Oakland to Houston, posing semi-nude in a pornographic magazine and the business of Inter-Collegiate football. He denies being an alcoholic and having a disciplinary problem. Nancy Friday talks about masculinity in The 80s and observes why men and women feel threatened by the number of women in the work force. Dennis Blair offers his comic impressions to music.

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