Am I nuts? Carson/Williams/Connick Jr?

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    Somehow I think this was actually later, with Leno, but I can't find any evidence of it ever happening with either Carson or Leno.

    Robin Williams and Harry Connick Jr together, and they literally stole the show.

    Williams did his usual crazed thing, but not only did Connick egg him on, Connick kept up with Williams every step of the way.

    It's a definite memory, and it was in the early or possibly mid-90s at the LATEST, because I can picture who I watched it with and where we lived. But nothing, not the site nor imdb, says they were ever guests on ANY show together. I never watched O'Brian, and rarely watched Letterman, but I'm absolutely sure it was Tonight with one or the other.



    steve in StL

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    You're not nuts. I just watched the youtube clipped linked below, with Jay Leno, Jim Carrey and Harry Connick, when Carrey/Connick were promoting the The Mask (1994?). Within the interview they played previous Connick clips, labelled "Impressions", and one was with Jay, Harry and Robin Williams. Jay is holding a CD that looks like "When My Heart Finds Christmas", so that would make it late 1993, and when Jay was the official host, aka The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. If you can't find the full appearance with Harry's name attached, you might find it by searching for Robin Williams' appearances.

    Now the episode I'm looking for is one of Harry's earliest appearances, where he admits to being in a Rock & Roll band, prior to fronting the Big Band. I want the name of that Rock & Roll band.
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