The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson

NBC (ended 1992)


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  • The Original and Best.

    Even though I am not old enough to have watched live I still have seen many shows and Love it.
  • A Fun Show To Watch

    Johnny Carson was great to watch. His monologues were always funny. Doc Serverson and Ed Mcmahon were great also.

  • Johnny was the best!

    His monologues were not to be missed. They were the nightly tv comedy of record. If a joke died he could make that the funniest moment of the night. His recurring characters including Carnac,Floyd R Turbo,Art Fern,and Aunt Blabby were one of my most anticipated moments of the show. His other bits like Stump the Band and Edge of Wetness were also very funny. The Mighty Carson Art Player sketches were very funny as well,especially when Johnny played President Reagen. I also enjoyed the animal segments with Joan Embery & JIm Fowler. My favorite guests on the show were Don Rickles and David Letterman. There will never be anybody like Johnny Carson on TV again.
  • Johnny Carson was such a great guy too bad he couldn't have lived to 200 years old.

    I loved seeing the Johnny Carson show and it was so neat that Hollywood allowed people to view in live on his set Johnny Carson must have been a super nice guy and we'll miss him a lots and I love his shows and wish I was still seeing Johnny Carson and could go to Hollywood and see him and his guestshow live and wacth him onTV every night. Johnny Carson must be alive still in Heaven and can wacth over us like an Angel, I hope its all true and he enjoys being with the Angels alots. But we can only hope .
  • This was one of the best shows of all time, and is still if you own it on VHS or DVD.

    I said it in my review of Carson himself I was only 13 1/2 when the show ended but I saw him enough to know how great and how funny he was. He had great guests, funny animal segments. Plus he had great skits like Carnac, and his personations of people like Willy Nelson. He killed, and even when he screwed up or if a joke wasn't funny, somehow he made it funny, he was great even when he bombed. The fact that he did that and was on that show for as long as he was is amazing. I like Jay Leno, but the Tonight show was never the same after Johnny Carson retired.
  • We will not likely see Johnny Carson's quality of entertainment come again. The 30 years of the NBC TONIGHT SHOW with Johnny were simply fantastic. His humor and humanity and rapid wit brightened every broadcast.

    Steve Allen got the show started on the right foot. Jack Paar gave it a more "newsy" flavor and Johnny Carson made it his own brilliantly funny program. Thankfully, many episodes exist on tape and "Best of" material is available on DVD today but nothing will match the experience of having lived through the Carson years. Even after a tough day at work, Carson could make us viewers forget our daily woes and put us to sleep each night with a smile on our faces. Carson was a gifted entertainer and there are none today that come close to his wit, charm, style and humor. He was a gem.
  • Even though I am not old enough to have seen a lot of em, Carson rocked.

    Johhny Carson was the best host of The Tonight Show [Leno cant even fill his shoes]. He hosted Tonight Show for 30 years and was a comedic genius. I am glad Carson is still appreciated and I hope The Tonight Show stays on for a long time and that Conan con fill his shoes in 2009.
  • The True KING of Late Night

    Johnny was the epitomy of Late Night Talk Show Hosts. He commanded the stage from his monologue to his fantastic ability to make any interview into pure hilarity. I watched the Tonight Show just about every night from age 4 until Johnny left after Jay Leno's vile evil manager planted that story about him in the NY Post to run him into retirement. Johnny ruled the airwaves for 29 years making every evening a delight. The man and the show cannot be matched, even Letterman will always live in the shadow of the greatness that is the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, even though Jay Leno has ruined the show so much that even Letterman or O'Brien could never bring it back to it's glory. This show made so many comedians and so many musicians, it's staggering to imagine what entertainment would be like without Johnny Carson. Long Live the King! He may have passed away but his legend will never die.
  • Nobody can fill Johnny shoes. I grew up with watching him. I had to sneak because it was past my bedtime. But if I had abad day at school. he brought me laughter and made me forget about it.

    Tonight show has b een on since the early 60's. Johnny brought laughter again to us. if you was anybody famous and plugging a movie or show you had to on there. he also known for not baring just celebrites on his show. he brought people who was just oridnary people who collected or did something that got johnny attention. and they were famouse for 60 minutes.nobody can really top him. david letterman owes jophnny along with the rest of them. they would not be were the are todya if it had not been for Johnny giving them a break on his show.
  • One of the greatest late night talk shows in the history of the World.

    Johnny Carson had that "it" factor. The thing you can not explain ... it just is and certain people have it. From the skits that he performed in to the great line-up of guests to his interaction with animals that came to visit, Johnny had "it."

    He gave several comedians their first network television appearance. And when he gave them a wink or a nod or a thumbs up ... they knew they had made it.

    His monologues were so popular that they would be water cooler talk at work the next day. He continued writing material for David Letterman's monologues until shortly before his death. After performing one of Johnny's jokes, Dave would give Carson’s trademark golf swing in tribute to his mentor and friend.
  • I was about old enough to know who Johnny Carson was.just add to the shoes.

    I was about old enough to know who Johnny Carson was. My favorite was when Alf was on. All I realized was that a puppet was on with Johnny, and had seen Alf in his own show. I don't think that Jay stepped into Johnny's shoes. Jay has just add to the shoes. Meaning the next guy to take over has a lot of work to do. I hope that it's not anyone that already is on late night television. I think the part should go to Jeff Foxworthy. I am sure that whoever it is will give America laughs.