The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson

Season 30 Episode 115

Show #4526

Aired Weekdays 11:35 PM May 14, 1992 on NBC

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  • The week before the final show, this drew great comedy from guests you wouldn't think of as funny.

    The flashback after a so-so monologue was the Jack Webb Copper Clapper Caper, which is one of the few clips salvaged from the first ten years. Then, Michael Keaton talked little about his second Batman movie, but was surprisingly funny starting with a bit on how pumped he was to be on one of the final shows. Martin Short was outstanding, and in many of his scenes, both Carson and Keaton got into the act. And finally, Terry Garr, who one would not expect to be funny was hilarious, and again Carson, Keaton and Short jumped into the act. Johnny was sort of a later day Jack Benny in that many times he was funniest when others bounced lines off him, or sucked him into their act as was done with most of the animal shows. I was taping all the shows during those alst weeks, and this was one of the few shows I kept and still have 25+ years later. The tape has degenerated somewhat, but it is so good that the bad picture becomes unnoticable as one is involved in what is happening. Compared to today's more politically correct talk shows, Carson was irreverent, sexist and at times borderline nasty. He would ask questions today's, "Did you bring a clip?" talk show hosts never would, like, "What was your worst movie?" I just got the boxed set of Carson DVD's for Christmas 2007, and none of this show is in it though there are a half dozen copies on the Ed Ames, Tomahawk sketch. Back then, I was recording the show on audio tape, and trying to guess what happened with some of the longest laughs in TV history, wasn't easy, but when I finally saw that clip on later prime time show, I had guessed right. That clip is missing an end where Ed says, "You want to try, Johnny?" And Johnny says, "Why not. I can't hurt him any more than you did," and the audience was off into another 60 laugh.
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