The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson

Season 30 Episode 119

Show #4530

Aired Weekdays 11:35 PM May 21, 1992 on NBC

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  • Johnny welcomes Robin Williams and Bette Midler, his final guests. Robin does his thing with his impromptu insanity, but Bette does a great job of honoring Johnny by singing one of his favorite songs. Johnny joins her in singing, making a great TV moment.

    I still harbor some resentment towards my former girlfriend for making me go to a birthday party for her mom's boyfriend, instead of staying home to catch this show. I have since seen it on the Carson DVDs, but would have liked to share the moment with the rest of the world. I am not a big Bette Midler fan, but she really earned my respect on that night. Sometimes when something great comes to an end, the end can be anticlimactic. But this show truly was a great way to say goodbye to a great man and a great TV show.