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  • this guy is ***ed

    i want a new show. this one is too tiring and lame.
  • I like Conan O'Brien but let's face it he hasn't matched expectations since joining the Tonight Show. Now he's stuck beaten alienating his old college humor crowd and drifting toward the older Leno audience. So far not working out well.

    I used to like Conan on his Late Night show when he was doing sketches like Horny Manatee, the Masturbating Bear, etc...That was when he was in his prime, but since he took over the Tonight Show Conan has been on a one man mission to make his show as lame as possible. The show is completely scripted, even the guest interviews seem unnatural because they are principally there to make Conan get the last zing and not unscripted like Craig Ferguson. Then there is Conan's monologue let's face it, if he starts to a Larry King, Kirstie Alley or Paris Hilton joke we all exactly know where it's going. There's no originality, not to mention the fact that Conan doesn't like to improvise on his show he wants to everything to be tailored to create a certain effect. As I read during a recent LA times article. Letterman might be boring most of the time but at least his interviews feel more substantial then Conan going in an interview talking about himself about 50% of the time (which by the way seems scripted). Andy Richter doesn't add anything to the table, and Conan's booking agent. I mean seriously can't you find better guests? When Letterman has Paul McCartney, Madonna, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, who does Conan have Dr. Ken from the Hangover as the main guest or Tom Arnold? Not saying that guests make a good show but Conan is trying way to hard, and isn't natural and everything in his show is just kind of lame. It's not inventive or funny like his Late Show used to be.
  • Conan is the best interviewer of late night!

    Let's face it, Conan is the best interviewer of late night television. He's funny, kind, he knows his guests well and he has a great repartee. I haven't missed a show, and it looks like I won't miss one cause after NBC panicked and tried to change everything with no long term plan. Conan decided to leave the Tonight Show. Truly NBC never gave Conan the tools to be successful still he managed to do some great things in his 7+ months of hosting it. I just hope his next project will be as good as this one, because only 7 months is not enough to built an audience that has been used to Leno for 17 years. It took the latter 2 years to get his show on track, so 7 months is pulling the plug way too early. Anyway, let's just hope Conan's next project will be as great as this and his Late Night period.
  • Conan O'Brien hosts the Tonight show...for 7 months. Way too short a run.

    What will undoubtedly go down as the shortest stint in Tonight show history, Conan O'Brien leaves the hosting duties of Tonight. Conan, who is undoubtedly my favorite talk show host, feels and is right in his feelings, that to have been moved to 12:05am he would no longer be hosting the "Tonight" Show and he was rightly so. Again, we see in the distance Jay Leno who seems responsible for yet another person missing out on the Tonight crown, but really it's not Leno's fault, it's NBC, and everyone knows it. But despite disputes and dumb network decisions, I try to look back fondly on this edition of The Tonight Show. For seven months it was Conan's and he made it his own and played to his audience, and strangely enough I was just getting into the habit of watching it nightly if not catching it online the following night, but oh well. I'm glad I was around to see Conan become the host of this show and I made sure not to miss the airing of the first show and I definitely made sure not to miss the last one. Conan does things with class despite what older audiences might think of his humor, but frankly that's what I love about him: his humor. Not only that but the fact that he seems like one of nicest people and is always a cheerful host. Even in his closing remarks, Conan still has the dignity to thank the network for all the long years of employment and at the same time, remember his true and loyal fans. You will be missed Conan but I can hardly wait for September. Let's hope your next show will be something to be envied.
  • I already miss Conan...

    It was so sad when I wanted to watch The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien the other night, only to remember that Conan no longer did it.

    Really, this show was amazing. Conan O'Brien is funny at its best, and we were so lucky to have him, even for those few seven months!

    Speaking of... really?! NBC gives him seven months, then decides that they like the unfunny Jay Leno more? That is the very reason why I'm not going to watch The Jay Leno show ever again. I mean, I used to watch it every now and then, when someone I liked was on the show... but now, never again. :P

    GO CONAN! :)
  • NBC is the dumbest f***ing network ever! If it weren't for Chuck I would stop watching them completely!

    WTF? Is all I can say, how dumb can the network be, do they want old ass fogies watching them and then when they die NBC can just be screwed? They should keep Conan he reaches a much younger audience! I love him and I am 23. I cannot stand Jay Leno never could. And I never watched the Tonight Show when he was host. I would rather watch Letterman or ANYTHING else. Of course I'm sure the ratings don't reflect mine or many other peoples switch since Conan became host, because of the retarded ratings "System" we have. I don't care how it works if they are not monitoring and/or surveying everyone then they do not have totally accurate results. TV networks are so dumb and annoying it make me want to quit watching TV altogether. Good luck Conan! I hope the future brings you happiness and I will miss watching you everday on my DVR (lol). Jay Leno please retire and leave my TV forever and I will be very thankful.
  • Conan O'brien is now the Kind of Late Night. His quit wit. Ability to make fun of himself. Something Leno couldn't do is make the guest comfortable and have a good time.

    I occasionally watched Conan O'brien on his later show while working 2nd shift. I found his sketches funny, but I know I have a "different" sense of humor. Like everybody knows Conan and his staff wrote there sketches for 18-30 yr old age group. Who are basically stoners, college students or people who are just getting home from the bar. What I seen different from Conan is I never seemed entertained by late night host interviews until I seen Conan. Conan makes the guest comfortable. Like there sitting on his couch in his living room. I know that's his job, but Leno made it feel like you where watching child birth. Very uncomfortable. Letterman has no respect for his guest to even get there names right, let alone to actually watch or listen to one of there movies, tv shows or music. Conan definitely does not come off as a pompass ass that Letterman does. Conan is one of the guys. Somebody I would love to go have drinks with. He's not in the papers for doing crazy things. Like Letterman knocking up a girl his age. Does not own millions on top of millions of dollars worth of cars. Hell, he pokes fun at himself still owning his car when he came first to NY, a Ford SHO. Definitely got creditability for writing for SNL and 4 of the top 10 Simpson's episodes EVER! On how Conan is going to do taking over for Leno. He will get the numbers and most importantly the demographic the companies NBC wants buying commercials (24-35). After watching Conan for a month I have asked my friends and family members what they think of him. The women from the age of 30-55 liked him. Some said that he was "adorable" and said he was funny Also, that they loved his interviews and how he was not afraid to make fun of himself to save the interview. The men from the age of 30-55 had mixed reviews. Mainly from the guys in the 50's. They didn't get the humor from the sketches. They did really like his monologue though. Which I believe is just as good as Leno's and that's saying a lot! What NBC is worrying about, I believe, is he's to nice of a guy. As bad as Leno was at interviewing he would still press his controversial guest and had the respect of BIG political figures. Leno didn't press the politicians but any controversial guest he would. Everybody knows how Leno stole the ratings from Letterman. With his BIG interview w/ Hugh Grant. After Hugh Grant got arrested for solicitation of a cross dressing prostitute. Grant had the balls to go on Leno. Oh and did he pay for it. Now the question is: will Conan show fangs against a controversial guest? I don't think he will have to. Now the questions is if Conan is going to keep the ratings Leno had?

    With Conan's bubbly fun likeable personality he is destined to blow by Letterman. It's just Conan, and his staff are much better writers then Letterman and his staff. Most improtanly Conac is more likeable. Like my mom said, "he's the good son". I believe if all of Leno's and Letterman's viewers gave Conan a week, they will be turning to NBC @ 11:32 every weekday night. BUT will they give him a chance?
  • The show should be renamed...

    ...because no one can fill Johnny Carson's shoes. Leno certainly couldn't come close, and while I do like Conan a lot, I personally think it might have been a better idea to rename the show. But since that didn't, nor won't happen, I am relatively pleased with the new regime.
    If nothing else, Conan had me with "Year 3000" showing how little progress we will make, except we are smart enough to ensure that "douche bag Spencer" STAYS in the jungle, and that social networks YouTube, Twitter and Facebook combine to make a new network called "You Twit Face"! LOL!!!
    I am a bit let down by the guest line up for the launch week, but I do get its likely trying to expand the audience. Whatever, status quo is gone, and Conan is the man to leave it behind!
  • Great first show - more to come!

    The first show was just about perfect. In saying that I mean that it had the right tone to keep the audience Leno built up. If Conan had come out to wacky I think he might alienate some of his viewers. His opening bits were funny - but compared to his Late Show stuff - a bit light. I think he will push the envelope a little bit more each week - but he has to give everyone time to get used to him. I hope Andy Richter is here to stay. I am also very interested to see what Conan does with the town of L.A. Its like a whole new playground for him.

    Great first show - I'll keep watching!
  • Can't say I liked it a lot, but can't say I hated it. So I guess I'd say it was "okay".

    Conan fans will continue to like it. Conan haters will probably continue to not like it. Those of us who are neither fans or haters will probably watch it for the guests & not the host himself. I expect the ratings for the first week or 2 to be high because people will want to see what the fuss is all about, but we'll probably not know what impact the show has until a year from now. Will there be some "can't miss" skits like "Man on the Street" or "Headlines"? I tried to never miss the "Headlines" on Mondays when Leno was there.
  • Is it possible to "jump the shark" in the premiere episode? Only time will tell. But I am bailing on this turkey.

    The opening sequence, featuring a run across America, was entertaining. I had high hopes that perhaps I would not be disappointed. Unfortunately, as the minutes dragged on, I found myself fast forwarding to the commercials. (Enjoyed "Year One") That is not a good sign.

    Only redeeming part - no shakycam. Thank you cameraman, for not nauseating me... at least no more than the show did.

    Ferrell was amusing - like an ice cube down a shirt is amusing. I am not sure why people think he's so talented. But there's no accounting for taste.

    Conan... Conan... Where are thy legions of fans? Methinks they will not survive the trek. Frankly, I am annoyed, not entertained, by the schtick and snarky material.

    Farewell, NBC Tonight Show, to the bottom of the ratings, thou fallest.
  • my excitement for this show to start!

    i can not wait for this show to start! i can't wait to see what his new studio in california looks like and what the whole feel of the show will be like. my guess is it will probably be just like 'late night', but bigger! i can't wait for you to come back on tv conan o'brien, you are severely missed! and andy is joining you as your announcer, that is awesome! i would have loved joel to do it, but andy will rock just as well! finally that hack leno will be off the air...for at least awhile i guess. it will be a wonderful time on tv without him though! i hope his primetime show, which starts in september, does really poor and gets canceled! he has no business being a talk show host. anyways i got a little derailed there. what i'm trying to say is, welcome back conan o'brien!!!! maybe i was a little too harsh on leno? ah well! conan o'brien. best talk show host. ever!