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  • Is it possible to "jump the shark" in the premiere episode? Only time will tell. But I am bailing on this turkey.

    The opening sequence, featuring a run across America, was entertaining. I had high hopes that perhaps I would not be disappointed. Unfortunately, as the minutes dragged on, I found myself fast forwarding to the commercials. (Enjoyed "Year One") That is not a good sign.

    Only redeeming part - no shakycam. Thank you cameraman, for not nauseating me... at least no more than the show did.

    Ferrell was amusing - like an ice cube down a shirt is amusing. I am not sure why people think he's so talented. But there's no accounting for taste.

    Conan... Conan... Where are thy legions of fans? Methinks they will not survive the trek. Frankly, I am annoyed, not entertained, by the schtick and snarky material.

    Farewell, NBC Tonight Show, to the bottom of the ratings, thou fallest.