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  • Conan O'brien is now the Kind of Late Night. His quit wit. Ability to make fun of himself. Something Leno couldn't do is make the guest comfortable and have a good time.

    I occasionally watched Conan O'brien on his later show while working 2nd shift. I found his sketches funny, but I know I have a "different" sense of humor. Like everybody knows Conan and his staff wrote there sketches for 18-30 yr old age group. Who are basically stoners, college students or people who are just getting home from the bar. What I seen different from Conan is I never seemed entertained by late night host interviews until I seen Conan. Conan makes the guest comfortable. Like there sitting on his couch in his living room. I know that's his job, but Leno made it feel like you where watching child birth. Very uncomfortable. Letterman has no respect for his guest to even get there names right, let alone to actually watch or listen to one of there movies, tv shows or music. Conan definitely does not come off as a pompass ass that Letterman does. Conan is one of the guys. Somebody I would love to go have drinks with. He's not in the papers for doing crazy things. Like Letterman knocking up a girl his age. Does not own millions on top of millions of dollars worth of cars. Hell, he pokes fun at himself still owning his car when he came first to NY, a Ford SHO. Definitely got creditability for writing for SNL and 4 of the top 10 Simpson's episodes EVER! On how Conan is going to do taking over for Leno. He will get the numbers and most importantly the demographic the companies NBC wants buying commercials (24-35). After watching Conan for a month I have asked my friends and family members what they think of him. The women from the age of 30-55 liked him. Some said that he was "adorable" and said he was funny Also, that they loved his interviews and how he was not afraid to make fun of himself to save the interview. The men from the age of 30-55 had mixed reviews. Mainly from the guys in the 50's. They didn't get the humor from the sketches. They did really like his monologue though. Which I believe is just as good as Leno's and that's saying a lot! What NBC is worrying about, I believe, is he's to nice of a guy. As bad as Leno was at interviewing he would still press his controversial guest and had the respect of BIG political figures. Leno didn't press the politicians but any controversial guest he would. Everybody knows how Leno stole the ratings from Letterman. With his BIG interview w/ Hugh Grant. After Hugh Grant got arrested for solicitation of a cross dressing prostitute. Grant had the balls to go on Leno. Oh and did he pay for it. Now the question is: will Conan show fangs against a controversial guest? I don't think he will have to. Now the questions is if Conan is going to keep the ratings Leno had?

    With Conan's bubbly fun likeable personality he is destined to blow by Letterman. It's just Conan, and his staff are much better writers then Letterman and his staff. Most improtanly Conac is more likeable. Like my mom said, "he's the good son". I believe if all of Leno's and Letterman's viewers gave Conan a week, they will be turning to NBC @ 11:32 every weekday night. BUT will they give him a chance?