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  • I like Conan O'Brien but let's face it he hasn't matched expectations since joining the Tonight Show. Now he's stuck beaten alienating his old college humor crowd and drifting toward the older Leno audience. So far not working out well.

    I used to like Conan on his Late Night show when he was doing sketches like Horny Manatee, the Masturbating Bear, etc...That was when he was in his prime, but since he took over the Tonight Show Conan has been on a one man mission to make his show as lame as possible. The show is completely scripted, even the guest interviews seem unnatural because they are principally there to make Conan get the last zing and not unscripted like Craig Ferguson. Then there is Conan's monologue let's face it, if he starts to a Larry King, Kirstie Alley or Paris Hilton joke we all exactly know where it's going. There's no originality, not to mention the fact that Conan doesn't like to improvise on his show he wants to everything to be tailored to create a certain effect. As I read during a recent LA times article. Letterman might be boring most of the time but at least his interviews feel more substantial then Conan going in an interview talking about himself about 50% of the time (which by the way seems scripted). Andy Richter doesn't add anything to the table, and Conan's booking agent. I mean seriously can't you find better guests? When Letterman has Paul McCartney, Madonna, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, who does Conan have Dr. Ken from the Hangover as the main guest or Tom Arnold? Not saying that guests make a good show but Conan is trying way to hard, and isn't natural and everything in his show is just kind of lame. It's not inventive or funny like his Late Show used to be.