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  • Conan O'Brien hosts the Tonight show...for 7 months. Way too short a run.

    What will undoubtedly go down as the shortest stint in Tonight show history, Conan O'Brien leaves the hosting duties of Tonight. Conan, who is undoubtedly my favorite talk show host, feels and is right in his feelings, that to have been moved to 12:05am he would no longer be hosting the "Tonight" Show and he was rightly so. Again, we see in the distance Jay Leno who seems responsible for yet another person missing out on the Tonight crown, but really it's not Leno's fault, it's NBC, and everyone knows it. But despite disputes and dumb network decisions, I try to look back fondly on this edition of The Tonight Show. For seven months it was Conan's and he made it his own and played to his audience, and strangely enough I was just getting into the habit of watching it nightly if not catching it online the following night, but oh well. I'm glad I was around to see Conan become the host of this show and I made sure not to miss the airing of the first show and I definitely made sure not to miss the last one. Conan does things with class despite what older audiences might think of his humor, but frankly that's what I love about him: his humor. Not only that but the fact that he seems like one of nicest people and is always a cheerful host. Even in his closing remarks, Conan still has the dignity to thank the network for all the long years of employment and at the same time, remember his true and loyal fans. You will be missed Conan but I can hardly wait for September. Let's hope your next show will be something to be envied.