The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Season 14 Episode 1007

2006 Olympic #7 - Dolly Parton

Aired Weekdays 11:35 PM Feb 21, 2006 on NBC



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    • Leno: Prince Abdullah of Bahrain has thrown Michael Jackson out of the palace. Michael Jackson, now homeless in Bahrain. Which is -- hey, that's a pretty dangerous situation to be in. A cartoon character walking around a Muslim country?

    • Leno: Police in Italy raided the Austrian team this past weekend during a surprise drug raid, found evidence that some Austrian athletes were using illegal performance-enhancing drugs. Which is good news for NBC. Now, they can combine the Olympics with "Law & Order," maybe get some ratings.

    • Leno: Vice president Dick Cheney said today, he is not sure if he'll ever go hunting again. If he does decide to go hunting again, good luck finding somebody to go with him.

    • Leno: Dubai was accused of helping fund the September 11th attacks. And was one of only three countries to support the Taliban. Now, they're gonna run the port in New York. What's next, put Mexico in charge of immigration?

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