The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Season 15 Episode 8

Ann Coulter; George Carlin; K.T. Tunstall

Aired Weekdays 11:35 PM Jun 14, 2006 on NBC

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  • The anticipated clash between Coulter and Carlin didn't happen, BUT Carlin did an amazing stand-up routine in which he strung together 100 or more cliches, mostly modern, as if they were 2 words. KT Tunstall song is great.

    OK we were all hoping Carlin would attack Ann Coulter, and he didn't. But Ann is soooo out there, her vibe is absolute anti-credibility; can she blink? Tell her it's legal to eat. Cult of personality is climaxing - I hope. BUT, our boy George did an amazing routine, which I hope to find out here on the Internet somewhere. Before he sat down with Jay, George did a stand up routine. He took a deep breath and then strung together 100 or more mostly current idioms or hot phrases (that's what they're called until they become cliches); after about 2 minutes worth, he took another deep breath, then continued for another minute. How could he remember all that?! The routine is expertly crafted and flawlessly delivered. Kudos, George !!
  • I can't believe I believed the hype. When I found out that ultra liberal Carlin was going to be on with ultra conservative Coulter, I just knew blows and jibes would be thrown about and Leno would play referee. What happened?

    Absolutely nothing. As a liberal, I wanted Carlin to rant a bit. I mean, after all, it was his 140th appearance on the show - I think he would have had just cause. Coulter is an interesting subject in our pop culture TODAY. Tomorrow, I won't know her if she came up to me and asked me if I'd autograph a copy of MY book for her. I don't pay attention to people like her usually, but she can make interesting television and this episode just didn't deliver what I thought it would. It was a step down for a minute for one of my favorite shows. Carlin's schtick was a numero uno (as usual) during his stand up routine and Leno's opening monologue always brings a smile to my face. The most disturbing thing this episode showed me is that this is exactly what this country is about - over zealous conservatives speaking their peace and liberals (who used to speak up so avidly) just sitting back and getting quieter and squirmier. This is why the Conservative Reds are taking over the Liberal Blues from every edge of this great land of ours. And they say people like me are scary? No. People like Coulter scare me and now, so do people like Carlin. When will it ever end? Not on Leno, I guess.