The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Season 15 Episode 144

Bill Cosby; Mary-Lynn Rajskub; Katherine McPhee

Aired Weekdays 11:35 PM Jan 29, 2007 on NBC

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  • bill cosby is a cultural icon; how fortunate we are to have him doing his comedy on the tonight show during this point in american history.

    cosby is an excellent story teller and a master at stand-up!!! it was refreshing to hear jay leno's introduction to cosby as the reason why he got into the biz, even introduced him as "best in the biz."

    it was great to hear jay's genuine laughter instead of his manufactured, assembly-line reactions which usually aren't his fault, just the result of divas or arrogant flavors of the week who suck at interviewing. i hated this girl, Mary-Lynn Rajskub. on 24 which is why cosby helped out tremedously...i found myself liking her:

    she's hilarious telling the story of her spray tan, of SELF magazine asking how she works out in small spaces and she said she didn't ("do you want to be in this magazine or not?"), then promoting her one woman show.

    cosby chimed in after jay said "so it's a one woman show and you're the only one in it?" cosby covered his face: "no, jay, it's a one man show with my bro and my father."

    cosby then pretended to go to sleep. he then helped her and jay with the rest of the interview. it's a hilarious episode.

    i still hate american idol and whoever they promote...the chick had 3 backup singers to cover how much she sucked. cosby should've jumped in and helped HER out.

    cosby is a cultural icon, an excellent way to celebrate black history month, and a great relief during all of this tension because of Bush's involvement in Iraq.