The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Season 14 Episode 217

Garry Shandling; Chris Antes; Def Leppard

Aired Weekdays 11:35 PM May 23, 2006 on NBC



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    • Jay: The senate has passed a resolution to make English the official language of the United States. In fact, today President Bush said this is the goodest news he's heard in a long time.

    • Jay: Egypt says they're going to excavate what appears to be a 2,000-year-old roman city submerged in the Mediterranean. It's been underwater for over 2,000 years. They're going to dig it up now. You thought FEMA was slow.

    • Jay: Kentucky Fried Chicken now has come out with what they call their famous bowls. It's a bowl of mashed potatoes, corn, gravy, cheese, fried chicken -- all mixed tether. Didn't that used to be called leftovers?

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