The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Season 14 Episode 215

Nicollette Sheridan; Ron White; Michael Bolton

Aired Weekdays 11:35 PM May 19, 2006 on NBC



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    • Jay: The FBI is searching for the body of Jimmy Hoffa now on a farm in Michigan. They want to find Hoffa before, you know, Anna Nicole smith does.

    • Jay: The Pentagon announced today the Iraq's border is 90% under control, which is pretty impressive when you realize San Diego's border is only 20% under control.

    • Jay: The Senate voted to make English the national language. More bad news for President Bush.

    • Jay: Yesterday in India, the India stock market plunged 600 points, the largest crash in its history. Economists predict as a result, Indians could lose thousands of former American jobs.

    • Jay: The Airbus 380, the largest passenger plane in history, did a test landing at London's Heathrow Airport this week. The plane is unbelievable. It's as tall as five double-decker buses, has the largest wingspan of any plane, holds 555 passengers, or 100 fat-assed Americans.

    • Jay: A realtor in Ogden, Utah, inspecting a townhouse found 70,000 empty beer cans left by a former tenant. Isn't that unbelievable? I didn't know the Kennedys had a place in Utah.

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