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  • Jay Leno-OK

    Borat was boring. Borat was boorish. I loved his movie but his jokes on the Tonite show were lame. What worked as a movie and was beyond anything witnessed on the big screen before got old on the small screen. Borat\\\'s joke about the game show with the 5 women getting pregnant wasn\\\'t offensive, lead edge or even amusing. It was simply not funny. If I was to laugh at that I would have to work at thinking it was funny instead of being caught off guard and enjoying it. His constant trying to play to the audience as a favored son who is somewhat childish but loved for his exuberance is old. If this is the persona he believes will continue his run to the bank I think America will pan his flash fairly quickly. Borat!wake up! Find a new schtick! Kudos to Jay for trying to deal with an idiot carrying his \\\'concept\\\' too long.
  • Who thought of this amazing show?? Thats what I want to know. So cool!

    This show is the awesomest, funniest show ever!! It is every night other than Saturday and Sunday. It shows at 9:35 pacific time. 10:35 mountain time. 11:35 central. 12:35 eastern. Every monday, he does this thing where he shows funny and different headlines. Like, one time, on Martin Luther King Jr. day, he had s sign that said "Martian" Luther King Jr. Ha, ha, that was so funny!!
    The audience laughed so hard! Whoever came up with thid show is so awesome! I'd really like to meet Jay Leno. He is a funny guy! Hmmm... I wonder what he is going to do next monday. JAY LENO ROX!
  • Fantastic!!! Jay is amazing!

    I love this show soooo much!!! Besides the show I like Jay Leno!!! He is amazing! I like to watch this show because of the stars and news! I love when guest is some my fav movie star or singer!!! I remember when guest was Matthew Perry!!! I was completely crazy at that moment, I couldn't belive!!! Ps: I was crazy, 'cause matthew is my fav actor!!! This show is absolutely fabulous!!!
  • I like Leno, because unlike most other talk show hosts he doesn't do his jokes based on agenda.

    Leno has done alright, he obviously is no Johnny Carson, but I'm sure he would say that too. I like him better than the left wing guys like Letterman & Conan, because he makes fun of anything and everything. He sometimes carries jokes on too long, but for the most part his show is reallly good. Kevin Eubanks is funny too, and does a good job, even John Melendez, who I never liked when he was on Howard Stern, isn't bad on the show. He will be missed when he retires, because he did a good job in his short term as the tonight show host.
  • Love Jay...hate spanish subtitles...another show I will not be watching any more.

    Jay Leno is great love to watch but since the Spanish way. The official language of the US is English...those who wish to listen in Spanish can set the Menu under language for spanish...then we all will be able to listen and watch. Until subtitles are gone...I will be watching another show on another station. Good Bye
  • I used to love this show...

    But now, lately I've been watching Letterman. I never dreamed I would like David Letterman's show more than Jay Leno's. At first I would stay up for the whole show, then I only stayed up for the skits, then I switched to Letterman and watched just the headlines. Now I can't even bring myself to switch to his show during commercials! I can't stand the way he interviews his guests, he's like a vulture sometimes. At least Letterman will get the audience some laughs out of picking on his guests! I hope when Conan replaces him it will be worth watching...

    I used to like watching this show , but ever since the big war in Iraq and 911 I just cant seem to watch this show. Its hard enough that we have to go daily with watching terrible news , and hear about our friends that are fighting in the war or the many other POLITICS we deal with on a daily basis. But when I watch tv I like to watch FUNNY tv to help me relax after work and go to sleep being happy not thinking about POLITICS after POLITICS ...

    Thats all really. If he wouldnt talk about war all the time I would watch him again.
  • One word. FUNNY AS HELL! Wait a minute..

    Mygawd. though i barely watch it, i absolutly love it! This guy, is so hilariouse! Especially when he shows those newspaper and advertisments that sound funny and have funny mistakes. But even in the other part of the show, he is one of the funniest guys you can laugh with!

    Heck, i even went to one of his shows when he came down here in Miami, but the tickets were a bit high, but for a man that can be so funny, it would be worth it.
  • In summary, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno doesnt have anything on Kemmel, Ferguson, or Conan. However, I think his show is better than Letterman's.

    the Tonight Show with Jay Leno is ok. However, I wouldn't classify it as one of the best late shows out there. Why do he need a drum after his corny jokes. That is so old. However, I do like to seen hm though. Leno's funny- shape sometimes makes me laugh. I do like his segments though and he does interview some guest that are interesting to me. However, one thing I don't like is how he always get racial with Kevin Eubanks. Talking about this is a white man suit and this and that is what white men do.
  • Not as good as Letterman, Conan or Jon Stewart. About on par with Kimmel and Ferguson to be honest...

    I just can't get into this show! Gags and skits are unfunny and the interviews are about as boring as John Kerry's speeches! On the bright side, Leno's monolouge usually is pretty good, but that is because he was a stand up comedian. The house band is pretty good too, although they don't make good "sidekicks" like the Max Weinberg 7 does on Late Night. The problem is that Leno's decent hosting abilities are weighed down by everyone else on the show. If NBC cared, they'd surround Jay with better people, but now that he's retiring in 2009, why bother? Decent watching if Letterman and the Colbert Report are reruns I guess.
  • The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

    I have watched the Tonight show since the days of Johnny Carson. When Johnny decided to retire I thought I would never watch the show again. However, it did not take long for Jay to take Johnny\\\'s place in my hall of fame. Jay is the consumate commedian and talk show host. I am amazed how he can make fun of someone and then a week later have him or her on the show. Jay\\\'s ability to improvise is just amazing. Add Kevin Eubanks to the formula and you have a great team. This show is so laid back it is very easy watching. Even when I am not interested in the guests Jay has on (his one weakness, repeat guests) I am still interested in the hillarity that goes on on the show. I am especially fond of the \\\"headlines\\\" segments which in my opinion are the funniest part of the show. I hear a rumor that Jay is going to retire in three years and Conan O\\\'Brian is going to replace him. I hope this does not happen as there is no way Conan can replace a legend like Jay. (Conan doesn\\\'t have enough chin!!)
  • Late night variety. The best there is.

    My nights are not complete without Jay Leno. The Tonight Show is definitely the king of late night shows. With the variety formula seen in LateShow and Latenight monologue, guest and musical guest, the tonight show never gets old. You get the funny monologue and entertaining interviews with hollywood actors, sometimes they have a good band playing at the end. Jay Leno is definitely a big part of my day. People watch the news on a daily basis. I don\'t, but I watch Jay Leno daily, and it will be that way until he leaves the show. The Tonight Show is both entertaining and an essential part of my day.
  • NBC lost it's mind announcing way too early that Conan O'Brien will be taking over the Tonight Show. If it wasn't for the money, surely Jay Leno wouldn't have stood for such humiliation. His interviews are no better than tabloid trash and gossip rags.

    NBC executives must be among the least honorable group of people ever given any authority what so ever! That bunch made one of the biggest blunders in television history not to allow David Letterman to transition into Johnny Carson's shoes with the Tonight Show. Once again, they show their lack of diplomatic skills by announcing that Conan will soon take over Leno. In many respects I don't fault them for getting rid of Leno as soon as possible.

    His interviews have become almost salacious as his ending draws near. The manner in which he seems so intent on gleaning information about the guest's personal life and especially their marital status is most distasteful.

    He particularly pries into the personal life of his single guests. He reminds you of that nosy aunt that is always trying to fix you up if you happen to be single. His constant yammering about when someone is going to get married, etc. borders on pathological. I won't be sorry to see him go.
  • still funnier than dave

    i heard it said that jay will be stepping down in the next couple of years. that sounds like a really good idea to me. this show is stil a decent late night talk show, but it seems like the same old stuff over and over. i do not think that anyone who replaces jay will help it either.
  • My favorite late night show, along with The Daily Show.

    First and foremost, Letterman's show is nothing compared to this one. Leno is funnier than Letterman and that's the end of it. From the opening monologue to the musical guests, Jay has the better material. The monologues are always worth the 15 minutes and I always enjoy Jay and Kevin Eubanks' cracks at each other. The highlight gags are always a treat to watch-whether it is the classic headlines and jaywalking or correspondents covering whatever. When it comes to guests, Leno gets the best guests. To those who come here to bash Jay Leno, don't. Just stay in Letterman's show and write a review there.
  • "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" is classic. There is no other late-night host I like better than Jay; though Conan and Ferguson are close. Letterman is just boring; oh wait, intelligent and witty, my bad.

    The first word that comes to mind when I think of Jay Leno - besides funny - is underappreciated. This man is a classic entertainer and yet he gets more crap than any other mainstream TV personality in the world. I just do not understand why people hate him so much. Letterman gets all the respect in the world, yet every time I\'ve watched his show I\'ve been bored to tears. All these people compare Leno to their god, Johnny Carson, as if he\'s supposed to try to emulate his predeccessor. It\'s ridiculous. Look, Leno makes me laugh, Letterman does not - so I watch Leno. Stop criticizing him like a cynical jerk and just watch who you want to watch. I feel sorry for the man. He\'s got the best job in television and he does it very well, yet people just attack him so viciously because they prefer Letterman. Screw them. I will miss Jay Leno when he\'s gone, and so will millions of others. (read the article about David Letterman)
  • Mediocre programming at best.

    I'll admit, I used to watch "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" frequently in the past (early teen years), but then I began to realize how dull it truly is. I don't watch it anymore for the most part because Leno's jokes just plain aren't funny. They have the same kind of structure and punchlines, and the man's presence annoys me. On occasion, I'll tune it to see a certain guest or two, but even that sometimes isn't worth staying up for. As of recently, I've found myself watching the show several times a week, maybe out of boredom, but I guess this show's still okay. It's reasonably adequate late night filler.
  • BEST night talk show EVER!

    Jay Leno absolutely ROCKS! He is hilarious, his show is well organized and funny! It is just the best nightly talk show! He totally beats out David Letterman! And Conan? He Is Not Even Funny! Jay Leno always has the best guests (well mostly always). One of my personal favorite episodes was just recently with Connie Chung. I really got to see her personality thatnks to Jay! Who knew she was so funny and likeable! Which is another great thing about Jay! With his interviews, he really lets you get to know hollywood's TRUE personalities! He lets us see the phonies from the greats. His show is a 5 ***** star show!
  • LAME

    Leno used to be a funny comedian when he was a guest on Late Night With David Letterman. He was funny when Letterman talked Carson into letting his friend Guest Host The Tonight Show. But since he stole the Tonight Show from Letterman, he has STUNK IT UP. To begin with, Leno steals most of his bits from David Letterman and Howard Stern. He isn't a funny comedian anymore whereas he's dumbed down his comedy. He is a total disgrace calling himself the host of the Tonight Show after such a great entertainer was pushed out by Leno's evil manager. His interviews are nothing but fluff and butt-kissing, his comedy bits are stolen and his monologue is tired and stupid. I understand that people think he's funny and he's original because they've never seen(or understood) Letterman or Stern's work but trust me when he replaces his announcer with John "The Stutterer" from the Howard Stern show and he steals every writer he can from Jon Stewart, Dennis Miller and Arsenio Hall, that shows that he proves himself to be a giant lame paranoid dunce. Does anyone remember his policy with guests? Where he wouldn't let them do the Tonight Show if they did any of the competition's shows? Lame, Unfunny, Unoriginal and just plain bad. Leno Sucks indeed.
  • For God\'s sake ,man ,change the repertoir!

    I don\'t know how this guy managed to be so popular ,after all this time. I mean same jokes over and over again - Bill Clinton ,Britney Spears ,Michael Jackson...boring! Change the subject! If something is interesting in this show ,it\'s not Leno. Those funny clips like Jaywalk are sometimes funny ,but they are humiliating people ;those Stuffs We Found On E-Bay is OK ,so are the Headlines. But please ,either make Leno come up with some new jokes or give him the boot. It\'s maybe funny when you watch it for the first time ,but soon you realise that you have other interesting ways to spend night.
  • The best night talk show, period.

    This show is funny, with all the bits and guests, I specially like the Jaywalking segments and the monologue of course. Headlines are a must and the musical guests rock.

    This show doesn't use sarcasm ofter like others and does not need to be on cable to be funny, Jay always get along with guests, no matter who and he has a nice funny relation with the band leader Kevin.

    This show is more about entertaiment value with a well balanced monologue, comedy bits, guest stars and good music, it has everything for all the public.

    If you're bored at night and don't know what to do I recommend tunning into this show.

  • It may have a stuctured format but there is still great variety in each segment and the quality is very high.

    A lot of people I know think that Leno is inane and unfunny but I love his jokes. Sure, some are very obvious, but they often still make me smile. Occasionally he'll come out with a killer line, too.

    More importantly, I like the way that he incorporates most of the important goings on in the world and puts his own humorous spin on them.

    Living in England, I am shocked at how much he able to get away with. Surely he is skating on thin ice with some of his libelous gags?

    Mind you, that's another of my favourite things about the show: the way he will totally mock someone e.g. Martha Stewart, then have them as a guest the following week.

    Almost all of the skits are good, save for the dire "Battle of the Jaywalk All Stars". My personal favourite is the interview with George W. Bush. The impersonator is uncannily like Dubya.

    Kevin Eubanks is a top bloke and most of the guests they have on are entertaining. I think people should realise how difficult it is to make a show entertaining only an almost daily basis, and this is perfect late-night viewing.
  • It's no Conan, but I'll take what I can get.

    Personally, I'll be glad when conan takes over. I'm not allowed to stay up late enough to watch Conan every night, so I usually have to settle for Leno. I have nothing against the man, and he can be downright hilarious, but I just cannot relate to him and his obscenely large chin.
  • Leno, why did you even thought of becoming a comediant in the first place?!

    Why did Leno even wanted to become a comediant, I mean, he knows how to interview the celebreties and I think he could have been a good reporter or journalist, but his jokes are so bad, stupid and obvious. And he looks like if he's dead, without moving or doing good impressions like Conan. The band's lead guitarrist (srry I dont remember his name) just stupidly laughs at every thing that Leno says. But it's not all bad about The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, no, in fact there are a few things that are funny, for example the Jaywalking and some of those specials that you have some famous guy as the reporter are pretty funny. And Leno has all the celebreties of the moment on his show and the bands are more well known than Conan's bands, wich makes The Tonight Show more popular than all those other talk shows. So overall, The Tonight Show is still a good show, but it's ruinned by the host, cause Jay Leno is just not a worthy replacer of the allmighty Johnny Carson.
    A decent show, but I recommend you watch Late Night with Conan O'brien instead.
  • Excellent.

    Jay Leno is the perfect person to take the infamous Johnny Carson's place, though he isn't as great as Carsinio, he will make it as far as he wants. The Jay Leno show is hillarious with Headlines, Jaywalk Hall of Fame, Teenage Wasteland, and what ever else he does. The Tonight Show is the greatest.
  • There's really no Question, Leno is all-time king of late night.

    Jay Leno is easily the best talk show host. He's a straight-up comedian. Conan and Letterman often often make a joke out of how lame their own act is. Basically, their joke, is how funny it is, anybody thinks their funny. Letterman thinks pulling his tie is funny. Conan think running up to the camera is funny. Conan thinks a Texas Walker is funny (for the 100th time).

    Leno is a the pre-eminent stand-up comedian. Most, not all, of his jokes are funny. Most importantly, he keeps coming up with new jokes. He doesn't keep the same old running gag. He will be greatly missed when he retires.

  • A talk show with Jay and celebrities. How much more can I summarise it?

    I like this show. Sure it has the occasional joke that bombs, they like making fun of certain things was too much, and some of the guests aren't that interesting, but I still find it funny.

    I think the reason the show works is because of Jay Leno himself. He has a nice charm about himself that makes him fun to watch, and the banter between him and Kevin can be hilarious.

    A lot of people complain about how a lot of his jokes aren't funny. Well, you have to understand this guy is on stage almost every night of the week and is forced to try and find fresh material. The great thing is, he succeeds most of the time.

    I usually try and catch at least the first half of the show, only because by then the celebrities come on and they're usually annoying.
  • Leno is as lame as it gets, There's a reason why Letterman was asked to do the appreciation for Johnny Carson at the 2005 Emmys.

    Leno has made the Tonight Show synonymous with the sound of gaping chest wounds. Lame is a term that also comes to mind; there's a reason why Doc Severinsen paid his tributes to Carson on Letterman. Dave Stewart wasn't making any statements of homage to chinboy when he went up to accept his richly deserved awards on emmy night.
    At least the suitboys at NBC finally got their heads pulled out of their lower digestive tracts long enough to make sure they didn't repeat their mistake by making sure to sign up and line up Conan ahead of time.
  • Its the Tonight Show with Jay Leno!

    The Tonight Show is NBC's long-running late-night talk and variety show, currently hosted by Jay Leno in Burbank, CA (near Los Angeles). The hour-long show premiered September 27, 1954 in a 90-minute format hosted by Steve Allen. The show features at least two guests each night, usually including a comedian or musical guest. In 1999 the show started filming in 1080i High-Definition Format. The Tonight Show has had 4 other hosts before Jay Leno took over on May 25, 1992. Those hosts include:

    -Steve Allen ( September 27 1954, - January 1957)
    -Ernie Kovacs (October 1, 1956-1957) (hosted on Mondays and Tuesdays)
    -Jack Paar (July 1957 March 30, 1962)(Also called the "Jack Paar Show"
    -Johnny Carson (October 1, 1962 May 22, 1992)

    In 2009, NBC's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, is scheduled to be hosted by a new person. Conan O'Brien of "Late Night with Conan O'Brien) The "Late Night" hosting spot has not yet been chosen.

  • Jay Leno's show is timely, funny, relaxed, informative and something to look forward to at the end of the day.

    Jay Leno is a good host. His guests enjoy themselves on his show. I like the fact that he often has a clip from an obscure TV show they did when they were just starting out. I also like when an A-list celebrity stays on the couch while someone funny does 'their thing'. It's fun seeing celebrities 'breaking up' makes for a good time. My husband and I enjoy "Headlines" and "Jaywalking", also enjoy "The Fruitcake Lady". Only complaint..Jay should have a celebrity host do the show when he's on vacation.
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