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  • I don't get why you would watch an act as hackneyed and boring as Leno's when Letterman is on at the same time. This show lacks any true creative spark.

    Either you are with Leno or Letterman. I tend to fall into the Letterman camp. I used to watch Leno though.

    I found his sketches to be REALLY cheesy. I mean, some of that is expected for a late night show. But Leno's lack of acting skill is just too much to handle. And Kevin Eubanks doesn't seem to have much personality for a band leader/sidekick--just kind of sits there and laughs at all of Leno's lame jokes.

    The comedy of this program feels routine to me. Nothing new or interesting. Letterman (at least back in his prime) and O'Brien for that matter feel like they're doing more to push the envelope and try new things. I've never seen Leno expiriment like that.

    If you like Leno, you'll like this show. But do yourself a favor and see what else is out there. With cable now, there's much better stuff to fill your time even at 11:30 at night.
  • It's okay, it's late night tv.

    Jay Leno is funny here and there. I really tune to show when im up, and need a quick laugh. I usually watch for the jokes, leave for the interviews. Jay Leno and David Letterman are about the same on the comedy level. Not much to say about late night TV.
  • This show is so funny!

    I think the Jay Leno show is the funniest Late Night show (Next to Conan) out there. His jokes at the beginning are so funny, especially Headlines on Monday's which is hilarious. Now Jay beats David Letterman by a mile in the funny factor, David's show is so lame and his jokes are corny.

    The guests are also cool, watching them get interviewed and answering some of the questions, I've been wanting to ask. I reccomend this show to anyone who wants to watch something at 11:35 nad can't go to sleep becuase this show will leave you laughing till dreamland.
  • Jay Leno is an ok show with a few good bits, but there is better Shows on at the same time

    This used to be one of my favorite shows to watch, but after a while th jokes get repetetive. The show starts with a boring monologue, where there are a few good jokes that he repeats over and over, and sometimes in different ways. the stuff he does after the monologue is rarely funny, some of his best are headlines on monday, and jaywalking, then theres guests and musical guests which can be sometimes interesting.
  • Even with top-notch competition, The Tonigh Show with Jay Leno is still one of my favorite shows to watch from the 11:30-12:30 hour.

    I often hear people criticize Jay Leno for the wonderful job he does on The Tonight Show. Granted, he's not the funniest guy alive, but I think the show is filled with a great style, and pretty funny comedy to help get me through the night.

    Perhaps one of my favorite parts of the show is the beginning: the jokes. Most of his jokes are down to earth and funny. They usually last about 10-15 minutes and provides a good time for the older members of the family to sit and watch together. Keeping up to date with current affairs and adding in some oddities, the jokes are always a blessing.

    The second segment of the show, which varies day-by-day usually are quite funny. Regulars, like Headlines and Jay-Walking always please. One negative to the second segment of the show is the fact that not all the activities they do are as interesting (i.e. Interviewing "King Tut"). Other one-time stints, including "What We Found on eBay" are very welcoming and funny.

    The interviews bring the show to a serious stand. While Jay interviews many high-paid names, he also brings in some unknown, or less popular people which adds in a twist. I have to be honest though: some of the interviews and interviewees at that are just plain boring. But hey, you can't expect every performer to be top-notch for a 10-minute gig with Jay.

    The musical guests are welcoming. I often don't know who many of the singers are, but the quality is always top-notch.

    Another notable item about the show is the band. Night after night they perform, and even though viewers at home cannot watch, they seem fun. The few second clips that I hear please me, and when Jay interacts with the band with personal jokes, it becomes quite comical.

    Even though there are funnier comedians, or better late night shows, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno is a very special show to me. Maybe it was staying up late and watching with my dad. Either way, this is one great show not worth passing up.
  • Letterman who? Leno owns late night.

    Unlike Conan and Letterman, Leno is actually funny! The conversations he has with his guest are always interesting and never lame like Conans. The best part of Leno is the monday night "headlines". Headlines has been ripped off time and time again by other shows but it was done on Leno first. The comedy and interviews in general are much better quality then other shows. With Leno most of his guest seem to be enjoying themselfs and I think this is because Leno takes time to know all his quest and remains friends with a lot of them off camera. I will be sad when this show comes to a end because it is an enjoyable end to my day.
  • Great Show

    The Tonight Show With Jay Leno is a great show, probably one of the best things to watch late at night. Its very funny but some episodes are kind of boring. The little things he does on every episode are good like 'Headlines', which is my favorite thing. Its a great show and is something everyone should watch late at night.
  • I grew up watching this.

    The Tonight Show is a decent show I've been watching since I was little. Jay always has some humerous jokes. My personal favorite is Headlines. Of course, the guests and music is great too. Another great sketch is midnight confessions. Overall the Tonight Show is a good and decent late night talk show.
  • Hilarious!

    Jay Leno is such a funny guy! I love his monologues and the "Headlines" segment. The episode where he did the "All Michael Jackson Monologe" was very funny. This show is 100% CLASSIC! I hope this show goes on for a long time.

    ***If I become a celebrity, I hope I'll be a guest on his show . . . . . . . . Ha! Like that'll ever happen!***
  • He rocks at 11:35!

    I watch the Tonight Show with Jay Leno every day. Usually the monologue is cheesy and full of fluff, but oh well. My favorite sketches are the real ones, like Headlines and 99 Cent Store. It's funny seeing how dumb some people can be sometimes. He's better than David Letterman. Great guests, good interaction. I can't wait for Conan to come.
  • I thought it was the best talk show...until Conan

    This is definitely a very funny and cool show. This talk show stars Jay Leno who takes over for the Late Johnny Carson. He follows the standard talk show procedure. Monologue followed by skit, followed by the interviews, then ending it with live entertainment * be it music or stand up comedy* The seemingly genuine dialogue between Leno and his band leader Kevin Eubanks is always funny. His jokes are sometimes funny, and when its a bad joke he isnt particularly great at getting out of the awkward moments. Overall its definitely one of the best talk shows but Conan O Brien to me is the better host.
  • Every weekday night Jay Leno fills this hour long show with jokes, interviews and music with the assistance of his side kick Kevin and announcer Ed Melendez.

    This show is generally dull and unentertaining. It is painful to listen Jay deliver his monologue. We get it "Michael Jackson is Creepy" and "Paris Hilton is a Whore" how much more do we have to hear it. However, there are some bright spots sometimes a contributor will come up with some good material or a guest will be surprisingly entertaining. The best part of the show every night is when Jay say's "Stay tuned for Conan."
  • Comedian Jay Leno hosts the Tonight Show.

    He was funny in then ninetys but now it seems as if he's losing steam. His jokes are unresponsive and his charisma has run out. He's still entertaining with his guests but I believe Conan has conquered Late Night. It's easy to see why he'll be relinquishing his position as the Tonight Show's host but it's sill sad. He'll be remembered though, not as much as Johnny, but he'll be remembered.
  • Jay Leno hosts the tonight show as part of NBC which is the leader in late-night TV. Jay Leno started out as a guest host for Johnny Carson, who latter made him the pernament guest host. After Johnny Carson Retired Jay Leno won the possision against Dav

    I see a lot of the reviews saying, why do people watch this as oppose to David Letterman? Well first off, why do you think Jay Leno was picked ahead of Letterman? Well he does a lot better job of course. Jay Leno also has better guests then David Letterman who normally has guests after they have been on the Tonight Show. David Letterman has way to many commercials as well. Once I was waiting for like ten minutes for the next guest. He had some segment that lasted like two seconds about having someone kicked out of the ed sullivan show, and then there was another commercial. When it came back on, he said we will be right back with our next guest and there was another commercial. It was really annoying, because I have watched the Tonight Show more and I have never seen anything like that happen. Jay Leno also has great segments such as Headlines, and Jay-walking. Headlines feature newspaper articles and catalogs that feature errors that corospond with the arlticle itself. They can be quite funny.
  • So funny! Jay Leno can make great jokes! :D

    This is a great show! I think it is a lot better than David Lettermand or Conan O'Brian or whatever. I like to watch it as if it is kinda of a late-night treat. I also like it that when it comes to being political, he is on both sides.
  • Leno hosts the worst and unfortunatly #1 talk show on Late Night TV.

    I don't understand the humor in the show, I really don't think there is any but it still finishs ahead of Dave which is a damn shame because his show is much better. First of his personality amounts to the sum of zero and his band leader Kevin simply laughs at anything Jay has to say. His monolouge isn't funny and monica lewinsky jokes are still common place on his show. Headlines and Jay-Walkin are the only funny segments he does when he gets to the dask and when he has anyone else go wonderin the streets the result is not funny. He also can't interview anyone at all, his guest sit there and have to do all the work themselves. Hopefully people will soon begin to see how funny he really is and turn away before he leaves us all (thankfully) in 2009.
  • The Mildly Interesting thing up there doesn't match but is the closet to the truth. The Skits are halarious but the interveiws are boring.

    His interviews are so boring! It's like he is having a chat with them about the weather. I would rather watch the channels that shows just static and a loud noise and I would put the volume to the max rather than go over the chanel while it's on for a second. BUT his producer have some nice stuff in the sketch where they go though newpapersand ads. The thing when they find typos or strange things in articales and newspaper are hilarious. But finally the end music is gay. I would rather have nails nailed into my head than listen to that. Here is my list of bad things in his show.

    1. His Interviews are boring as hell.
    2. The bands (like most late night show) suck.
    3. The end music is like elevator music.
    4. A not funny relationship with his band.
    5. He has idiotic questons for his guests.

    Not that much against him but stil its big for me
    and other people as well. If you are a fan fine. But new people to the show, don't say i didn't warn you. DON'T listen to the interveiwa no matter who the guest is. Unless it is Will Farell. He's funny. See his movies. There good. Not Elf though. That sucked.
  • Jay Leno's show is timely, funny, relaxed, informative and something to look forward to at the end of the day.

    Jay Leno is a good host. His guests enjoy themselves on his show. I like the fact that he often has a clip from an obscure TV show they did when they were just starting out. I also like when an A-list celebrity stays on the couch while someone funny does 'their thing'. It's fun seeing celebrities 'breaking up' makes for a good time. My husband and I enjoy "Headlines" and "Jaywalking", also enjoy "The Fruitcake Lady". Only complaint..Jay should have a celebrity host do the show when he's on vacation.
  • Its the Tonight Show with Jay Leno!

    The Tonight Show is NBC's long-running late-night talk and variety show, currently hosted by Jay Leno in Burbank, CA (near Los Angeles). The hour-long show premiered September 27, 1954 in a 90-minute format hosted by Steve Allen. The show features at least two guests each night, usually including a comedian or musical guest. In 1999 the show started filming in 1080i High-Definition Format. The Tonight Show has had 4 other hosts before Jay Leno took over on May 25, 1992. Those hosts include:

    -Steve Allen ( September 27 1954, - January 1957)
    -Ernie Kovacs (October 1, 1956-1957) (hosted on Mondays and Tuesdays)
    -Jack Paar (July 1957 March 30, 1962)(Also called the "Jack Paar Show"
    -Johnny Carson (October 1, 1962 May 22, 1992)

    In 2009, NBC's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, is scheduled to be hosted by a new person. Conan O'Brien of "Late Night with Conan O'Brien) The "Late Night" hosting spot has not yet been chosen.

  • Leno is as lame as it gets, There's a reason why Letterman was asked to do the appreciation for Johnny Carson at the 2005 Emmys.

    Leno has made the Tonight Show synonymous with the sound of gaping chest wounds. Lame is a term that also comes to mind; there's a reason why Doc Severinsen paid his tributes to Carson on Letterman. Dave Stewart wasn't making any statements of homage to chinboy when he went up to accept his richly deserved awards on emmy night.
    At least the suitboys at NBC finally got their heads pulled out of their lower digestive tracts long enough to make sure they didn't repeat their mistake by making sure to sign up and line up Conan ahead of time.
  • A talk show with Jay and celebrities. How much more can I summarise it?

    I like this show. Sure it has the occasional joke that bombs, they like making fun of certain things was too much, and some of the guests aren't that interesting, but I still find it funny.

    I think the reason the show works is because of Jay Leno himself. He has a nice charm about himself that makes him fun to watch, and the banter between him and Kevin can be hilarious.

    A lot of people complain about how a lot of his jokes aren't funny. Well, you have to understand this guy is on stage almost every night of the week and is forced to try and find fresh material. The great thing is, he succeeds most of the time.

    I usually try and catch at least the first half of the show, only because by then the celebrities come on and they're usually annoying.
  • There's really no Question, Leno is all-time king of late night.

    Jay Leno is easily the best talk show host. He's a straight-up comedian. Conan and Letterman often often make a joke out of how lame their own act is. Basically, their joke, is how funny it is, anybody thinks their funny. Letterman thinks pulling his tie is funny. Conan think running up to the camera is funny. Conan thinks a Texas Walker is funny (for the 100th time).

    Leno is a the pre-eminent stand-up comedian. Most, not all, of his jokes are funny. Most importantly, he keeps coming up with new jokes. He doesn't keep the same old running gag. He will be greatly missed when he retires.

  • Excellent.

    Jay Leno is the perfect person to take the infamous Johnny Carson's place, though he isn't as great as Carsinio, he will make it as far as he wants. The Jay Leno show is hillarious with Headlines, Jaywalk Hall of Fame, Teenage Wasteland, and what ever else he does. The Tonight Show is the greatest.
  • Leno, why did you even thought of becoming a comediant in the first place?!

    Why did Leno even wanted to become a comediant, I mean, he knows how to interview the celebreties and I think he could have been a good reporter or journalist, but his jokes are so bad, stupid and obvious. And he looks like if he's dead, without moving or doing good impressions like Conan. The band's lead guitarrist (srry I dont remember his name) just stupidly laughs at every thing that Leno says. But it's not all bad about The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, no, in fact there are a few things that are funny, for example the Jaywalking and some of those specials that you have some famous guy as the reporter are pretty funny. And Leno has all the celebreties of the moment on his show and the bands are more well known than Conan's bands, wich makes The Tonight Show more popular than all those other talk shows. So overall, The Tonight Show is still a good show, but it's ruinned by the host, cause Jay Leno is just not a worthy replacer of the allmighty Johnny Carson.
    A decent show, but I recommend you watch Late Night with Conan O'brien instead.
  • It's no Conan, but I'll take what I can get.

    Personally, I'll be glad when conan takes over. I'm not allowed to stay up late enough to watch Conan every night, so I usually have to settle for Leno. I have nothing against the man, and he can be downright hilarious, but I just cannot relate to him and his obscenely large chin.
  • It may have a stuctured format but there is still great variety in each segment and the quality is very high.

    A lot of people I know think that Leno is inane and unfunny but I love his jokes. Sure, some are very obvious, but they often still make me smile. Occasionally he'll come out with a killer line, too.

    More importantly, I like the way that he incorporates most of the important goings on in the world and puts his own humorous spin on them.

    Living in England, I am shocked at how much he able to get away with. Surely he is skating on thin ice with some of his libelous gags?

    Mind you, that's another of my favourite things about the show: the way he will totally mock someone e.g. Martha Stewart, then have them as a guest the following week.

    Almost all of the skits are good, save for the dire "Battle of the Jaywalk All Stars". My personal favourite is the interview with George W. Bush. The impersonator is uncannily like Dubya.

    Kevin Eubanks is a top bloke and most of the guests they have on are entertaining. I think people should realise how difficult it is to make a show entertaining only an almost daily basis, and this is perfect late-night viewing.
  • The best night talk show, period.

    This show is funny, with all the bits and guests, I specially like the Jaywalking segments and the monologue of course. Headlines are a must and the musical guests rock.

    This show doesn't use sarcasm ofter like others and does not need to be on cable to be funny, Jay always get along with guests, no matter who and he has a nice funny relation with the band leader Kevin.

    This show is more about entertaiment value with a well balanced monologue, comedy bits, guest stars and good music, it has everything for all the public.

    If you're bored at night and don't know what to do I recommend tunning into this show.

  • For God\'s sake ,man ,change the repertoir!

    I don\'t know how this guy managed to be so popular ,after all this time. I mean same jokes over and over again - Bill Clinton ,Britney Spears ,Michael Jackson...boring! Change the subject! If something is interesting in this show ,it\'s not Leno. Those funny clips like Jaywalk are sometimes funny ,but they are humiliating people ;those Stuffs We Found On E-Bay is OK ,so are the Headlines. But please ,either make Leno come up with some new jokes or give him the boot. It\'s maybe funny when you watch it for the first time ,but soon you realise that you have other interesting ways to spend night.
  • LAME

    Leno used to be a funny comedian when he was a guest on Late Night With David Letterman. He was funny when Letterman talked Carson into letting his friend Guest Host The Tonight Show. But since he stole the Tonight Show from Letterman, he has STUNK IT UP. To begin with, Leno steals most of his bits from David Letterman and Howard Stern. He isn't a funny comedian anymore whereas he's dumbed down his comedy. He is a total disgrace calling himself the host of the Tonight Show after such a great entertainer was pushed out by Leno's evil manager. His interviews are nothing but fluff and butt-kissing, his comedy bits are stolen and his monologue is tired and stupid. I understand that people think he's funny and he's original because they've never seen(or understood) Letterman or Stern's work but trust me when he replaces his announcer with John "The Stutterer" from the Howard Stern show and he steals every writer he can from Jon Stewart, Dennis Miller and Arsenio Hall, that shows that he proves himself to be a giant lame paranoid dunce. Does anyone remember his policy with guests? Where he wouldn't let them do the Tonight Show if they did any of the competition's shows? Lame, Unfunny, Unoriginal and just plain bad. Leno Sucks indeed.
  • BEST night talk show EVER!

    Jay Leno absolutely ROCKS! He is hilarious, his show is well organized and funny! It is just the best nightly talk show! He totally beats out David Letterman! And Conan? He Is Not Even Funny! Jay Leno always has the best guests (well mostly always). One of my personal favorite episodes was just recently with Connie Chung. I really got to see her personality thatnks to Jay! Who knew she was so funny and likeable! Which is another great thing about Jay! With his interviews, he really lets you get to know hollywood's TRUE personalities! He lets us see the phonies from the greats. His show is a 5 ***** star show!
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