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  • I think that Jay should have Slick 33 on his show!!!!! Slick 33 is one man who makes the crowd!!!!!!!!!!!!! Slick 33 works in a casino in Hayward, Wisconsin. He goes by the name of "Ollie" and he is a Blackjack dealer there at night. WI

    Jay Leno needs to see Slick 33!!!!

    Any search engine will show you Slick 33 videos!!! This man is totally out there!!! Ratings for the NBC show will totally pile up with just ONE showing of Slick 33!!!!!!!!!!!!!There are 540,000 or so fans that want to see him at Summerfest 2007!!!!

    Slick 33 has fans coming from Japan and Germany and Canada just to play on his tables and hear his jokes and sing with Slick 33!!!! They don't care how much money they lose, only to get Slick 33 autographs and his album as well!!

    NBC should hurry and grab this opportunity now before some other station sees Slick 33 and grabs him first!!!!

    Slick 33 is on Youtube as well as .com!!!