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  • Can't wait to see your show every week night.

    Dear Jay: Just wanted to let you know how great it is to have you doing The Tonight Show. We never even watched one show after you left. Mr. O'Brien is not even funny and never will be. Now,the only thing missing is Kevin Eubanks and The Tonight Show Band. Sorry, but Ricky is not even close to Kevin. He will never have the charisma or the close connection that came across between you and Kevin. I know we are all creatures of habit and nobody likes change, but Ricky just doesn't have "IT" and never will. Hopefully he will not hurt your show and be your downfall. If you ever get a chance and Kevin wants to come back, please jump at the chance. Kevin is 1,000 times better Ricky. Your Monologue, Jay Walking and Headliners are the best. Mr. Leno, we have been trying for more than four years to have our little two bedroom home rebuilt after Hurricane Katrina took everything we owned. My husband Harry is a retired, disable New Orleans Fire Fighter who risked his life every day for 20 years to save others. Now in his time of need, there is no one out there to help. Your show may well be the only thing he has to look forward to because it doesn't look like we will ever have a home of our own again. Thanks for being the only bright spot in our lives.