The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Season 14 Episode 131

Show #3075

Aired Weekdays 11:35 PM Jan 12, 2006 on NBC
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Show #3075
Actress Emma Thompson ("Nanny McPhee"); Jeff Daniels ("The Squid & The Whale"); Sugarland performs "Just Might (Make Me Believe)" from debut album Twice The Speed of Life; Howie Mandell at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas.

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      • Jay Leno: Doctors in Israel are now slowly withdrawing prime minister Ariel Sharon out of his coma to see what his remaining brain function is. Political experts say it's unlikely anyone could run a country with a severe loss of brain activity. I beg to differ!

      • Jay Leno: Well, here's the latest bird flu update. They actually said today on MSNBC, they said, "do not play with dead poultry." Well, there goes my weekend.

      • Jay Leno: Earlier in the week, in San Francisco, the bomb squad diffused an explosive device found in the back of a Starbucks. It took the bomb squad eight hours to show up because they went to 148 other Starbucks before they found the one that had the bomb.

      • Jay Leno: Have you watched any of the confirmation hearings with Sam Alito? Senators are given 30 minutes to question the guy. They get 30 minutes. Senator Joe Biden's question took 23 1/2 minutes. And Alito is smart. Do you know what he said when Biden finished? He said, "I'm sorry, could you repeat the question?"

      • Jay Leno: Hamas terrorist organization announced this week they now have their own TV network. Isn't that frightening? Finally, a TV network with more bombs than NBC.

      • Jay Leno: A new report says for the first time in 20 years, there's been a huge increase in the number of Mexican women sneaking over the border. Well, of course. This is where all the Mexican men are. What do you expect them to do?

      • Jay Leno: NBC announced today they will be broadcasting 416 hours of Olympic coverage next month. 416 hours. That's almost as much as they play "Law and Order."

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