The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Season 14 Episode 204

Teri Hatcher; Ty Pennington; James Hunter

Aired Weekdays 11:35 PM May 04, 2006 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Paris Bennett of American Idol made an appearance. She was voted off the day before.

    • When Teri asks Jay to guess what her favorite body part is, Jay says in a candid fashion that he has no idea. The answer is "her nipples", and Teri mentions that there is a chapter in her book when she talks about them. But, at the end of the interview, before the break, Jay tells (again, in a straight-forward, not-joking fashion) that he enjoyed the book very much, especially the nipple parts.

  • Quotes

    • Jay: Cinco de Mayo celebrates driving the French out of Mexico. That's what they did. They drove the French out of Mexico. So apparently Mexico has much stricter immigration laws than we do.

    • Jay: These boycotts and demonstrations have stirred somewhat of a backlash here in California. Some groups are calling out to remove all signs in Spanish throughout the state. That'll work good. You know, words like California!

    • Jay: Today President Bush said global warming is happening much quicker than he thought. And then his staff pulled him aside and said, "Psst, it's just springtime."

    • Jay: The good news is oil has dropped to under $70 a barrel. You know what this will do to the price of gas at the pump? Nothing!

    • Jay: Teri said Ryan (Seacrest) dumped her after only one date when they were alone together. He dumped one of the sexiest women in Hollywood after one date. Well, that should put an end to the gay rumors, huh?

    • Jay: ABC has pulled the show "Commander in Chief" about the first female president. The show was cancelled because of poor ratings. And President Bush said, "what, they can pull you off for that?"

  • Notes

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