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Hosted by one of America's most recognized and likeable television personalities, The Tony Danza Show is an entertaining one-hour talk show produced live daily from New York. Guests will include actors, athletes, news-makers, and real people with interesting stories to tell. Tony will also highlight incredible kids, and get into the kitchen to cook some of his own favorite family recipes. This show will occasionally extend beyond the studio, as Tony gets up close and personal with people who are making a difference in our culture or just to have a little fun.
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  • thank god it is over

    when i heard that this show was cancelled i was very relived. i really do not understand why it was ever produced any way. then i could not understand why it lasted more than a few episodes. i personally do not think that tony danza has much talent at anything. have you ever seen going bananas? i rest my case.
  • I know it's just my opinion but "It's just like the others!"

    The Tony Danza Show is a guess a regular talk show...

    But to me it's just another talk show. Now I'm not a talk show hatter or a Tony hatter but all other talk shows has something about it that makes you want to watch ! ! ! ! I mean he's not that funny, and just watch a cooking show, if you want to cook, and I don't care for the music all that much ! ! ! ! I'm not saying it's horrible, but also it's just an opinion, and remember it's ok to disagree ! ! !moreless
  • One of the most awful abomination in television history.

    Tony Danza should be put to death row for being unfunny. He is the Hitler for everything funny. All people who were involved with this show should be executed immediately.

    Tony sounds awkward and uncomfortable. The jokes fall flat, he has a major case of mush mouth and with the exception of Paris Hilton, so far he has only managed to book D-list celebs. Cancellation of this show was a blessing for human kind. God bless America.

    Only other person as unfunny as him is Ellen Degeneres. They should get married and have children that we could send to high-risk conflict zones abroad.

    It is a pity I could not give 0 for the rating.moreless
  • Just another talk show?

    I came across this show by accident one day and just started watching it because I thought it was strange having Tony Danza host a talk show. I usually hate the daytime talk show format, but Tony Danza actually makes it enjoyable to watch. I like how he just talks about whatever is on his mind. Today he was talking about how he was watching a program on Ben Franklin the night before and how fascinated he was with it when I was doing the same thing that night! He's more like just one of the guys than a talk show host..moreless
  • Tony is a nice guy and a funny actor but a TV host - I don't get it

    This variety/talk show format requires someone with a different skill set than Tony. He was great on TAXI and WHO's THE BOSS but in this genre, he really seems out of his element. I still like him and think he's a decent guy but I will pass on this show. Hope he gets in a decent sitcom instead.

    UPDATE: Guess I called this one right. Show was cancelled May 2006. No matter - Tony is a good guy who will go on to do better things.moreless