The Tony Danza Show

Season 2 Episode 91

Episode 266

Aired Weekdays 10:00 AM Jan 30, 2006 on

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  • this review is regarding Catherine Hick's disregard for portraying the belief of Muslism wrongly. it was very offensive and she needs to apologise and educate herself about the true meaning of islam.

    I love Tony Danza and am a huge fan of his, I grew up watching his shows and he definitely is a good comedian. What I want to express in this review is something that greatly offended me on this episode 266 with Ms. Catherine Hicks. She was talking about the tragic ethnic cleansing occurring in Sudan where Islamic authorities are killing off the darker Africans to leave the nation with lighter skinned Muslims. What shocked me with immense offence and was greatly insulting was the fact that Mr. Danza asked her “…how could this be? Isn’t Islam a peaceful religion” and Ms. Hicks responded saying something like, “I don’t know, I guess not” and he responded back with an agreeing type of attitude saying he didn’t know either.
    I couldn’t believe what I was hearing; I mean how she could say something so derogatory and hurtful about Islam. Does she not know Islam comes from the Arabic word salaam meaning, PEACE! And the whole religion is based on peace and the full submission to God, the Giver of Peace.
    The reason why I am so greatly hurt by this mistake that was made on the show is because in this day and age so much attention is going towards this religion and people that don’t know what its about are trying to understand it. So when a successful actress gives the false impression that Islam is something of a horrible religion revolving around violence, murder and corruption that hurts me as a Muslim because she totally belittled my beliefs with no consideration to the millions of Muslims around the world struggling to fight for peace. And this mistake made on the show also drives me restlessly insane is because of the general public listening to such a wrong statement being made about islam.
    Its so important for the Tony Danza Show to fix this horrible misunderstanding about Islam because Ms. Catherine Hicks has risk the lives of Muslims living in America and the whole world from having violence done to us now because of her. Every day Americans and other nationalities kill Muslims and physically hurt us because they think we are a violent religion. They threat us and abuse us physically and mentally because they believe what they hear from the media and TV shows like this that wrongly portray Muslims as ferocious people.
    I just wanted to say thanks a lot to the Tony Danza Show for causing more misery in this world. Now you have just given the impression to the public that we’re violent heartless people, and therefore their will be even more violence in the world due to the general public believing you and having more hatred on us Muslims. If Mr. Danza and Ms. Hicks doesn’t know that islam is not a violent religion that’s fine, not everyone knows everything about all things. But their huge mistake was that they continued on with their lack of knowledge about what the religion is really based on to show that the reason why the genocide is occurring in Sudan is because Islamic ideals teaches the violence instead of acknowledging that it’s the corrupt people in Sudan who are using violence and unjustly killing innocent Black Africans. Those corrupt people in Sudan are just using the name of Islam to justify why they are killing the darker skinned Africans off.
    I would expect Ms. Hicks to use more judgment the next time she speaks about this matter. I mean I don’t think Ms. Hicks or Mr.Danza is illiterate, unknowledgeable people. To make such a huge mistake is unacceptable, your show has cost a lot of hardship on the Muslims and apology is definitely necessary by both Ms. Hicks and Mr. Danza. He shouldn’t have just agreed to her comments about islam, he should learn never to agree to something without knowing the full truth about it.
    And its obvious that neither Ms. Hicks and Mr. Danza know what islam is actually about. Maybe to makeup for their huge mistake they should do a show on Islam. This way they would learn something about the beliefs and educate America so that Americans understand that it is actually a peaceful religion. Maybe you can interview some Muslims so this way you understand the hardships that we have to go through with the discrimination and racial profiling after September 11th.
    I greatly thank you for taking the time out in reading my review and please do apologize for you mistake. Don’t let anymore violence and misunderstanding corrupt the mind of viewers, for education is truly the key to liberation of peace.