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  • My review of the Torkelsons/Almost Home--a show about the trials and tribulations, ups and downs about a single Oklahomaian mother and her 5 children.

    This show was awesome. I loved it back when they aired it consistently on Disney and it will forever hold a place in my heart. It's such a shame they pulled the plug on it so soon, without giving it a second chance. Or rather, third chance, since they DID rename it for the second season and changed the setting. Guess that wasn't enough. The characters were rich and likeable and the storylines really were entertaining. It harkened back to an era of Disney when the themes were family friendly yet not heavy-handed enough to seem preachy, a stark contrast to the family-oriented shows nowadays--at least on Disney.
  • Wow old show

    I don't remember much about this show, but I remember watching an episode my mom taped when I was a little girl. It was the episode where Milicent was trying to get her high school diploma since she'd had to drop out when Dorothy Jane was born, and then Mary Sue's Elmo doll came to life and was talking to Milicent one night and regularly to Mary Sue (but not to Dorothy Jane or anyone else). That was really funny. I remember really liking that show. The housekeeper guy was interesting too. I wish I could remember more about it. It was pretty cool back then.
  • I really thought this show was okay.

    I remember watching this show when I was little whileb it was re-aired on Disney.

    It was cute.

    Though I never understood why it changed, which I assumed and was correct, after season 1.

    Now I understand that shows do that sometimes.

    Sometimes it seemed like two different shows, but Dorothy Jane always stayed the same, and that was good.

    However, I sometimes think of what would have happened had the show continued, but I guess we'll never know.

    It wasn't that big of a classic to have a reunion.

    Still, I liked it and it was fun to watch in my room after a long day of school.

    Say hello to the man in the moon for me.

  • A pretty good show

    No doubt the family is in a category all it’s own. They could come up with some crazy ideas to get through life, but somehow they always made it. I was certainly glad this family was just tv. Only on TV would someone cement their washer and dryer to the kitchen floor. With that said, almost anyone could find something to relate to on the show. There was the mother of 5, who worked hard, but still struggled to take care of her family. 14-year-old Dorothy Jane, All she wanted was to be a normal girl. Her brother Steven, 12, was rebellious. He also felt the need to become the man of the house. The other children could certainly cause some funny trouble. Bottom line, there is something familiar about a single mom and family struggle to get by. It shows there is hope in family. A family doesn't need to be perfect to mean something. The writers found a humorous way to show the importance of family values
  • I wish they would replay the show on disney.

    The family show made Lee Norris famous. Now he is on One Tree Hill as Mouth. Someone who went from nerdy geek to hanging with the cool people geek. Apperently he is well cut in all the right places and just hides it on the show. Now 25 he has to me grown out of the geek stage and can move on up to the cute geek who at one point get the girl. I hope!
  • Good show

    The Torkelson's were a large family who weren't that well off, but they did have love for each other. What surprised me is that all the family members had accents that sounded alike. The kids were all mannerly and said "Yes, ma'am" and "No ma'am". My favorite character was Molly Torkelson. She was the eldest of the children, and she had to go through the growing pains of her teen years in a new neighborhood not having a lot of money. I really related to this show because I grew up on the poorer side of life, and I know how hard that can be. I appreciated this show because it was sweet and it made their family the center focus of the show.
  • great family show

    i always thought season one was the best. but hey with season two when they changed it to almost home you got brittany murphy. this show was another tounge in cheek displaced family sitcom. it is a formula that has been used several times. most of the time without success.
  • This was a great show about a mother trying to make ends met and trying to raise her 5 kids all at the same time. She had a very intelligent daughter Dorothy Jane who at night would sit in her big window and talk to the man in the mood.

    This was a great say that didn't get its proper due with NBC. I really and truly wish that they would release this on DVD. I know that's a long shot but I would go out and buy it in a heartbeat. This was a television show that had heart and soul.
  • Favorite show of all time

    This is not an understatement. The Torkelsons is my personal favorite show of all time. How this show slipped through the cracks is a crime, especially considering some of the long-running family sitcoms that ran during that time. Millicent Torkelson was the most realistic mother on television and truly one of the wisest. Regardless of whether you're male or female I think everyone could relate to eldest daughter Dorothy Jane. She went through many of the same things we all went through at 14. Although I was disappointed by the revamped Almost Home, I watched anyway because a revamped Torkelsons was better than no Torkelsons at all. Obviously some of the kids had to go or there would have been way too many, I just hate when characters disappear from a show without any explanation. But the one thing that never changed was Millicent's love of her children. I've said before that some of the best shows are the underdogs that didn't last, but had the Torkelsons gone for six or seven years maybe it wouldn't be as special as it was.
  • In this 1991 NBC show, a family struggles to survive in a little town called Pyramid Corners, Oaklahoma. In the second season, the family (minus RuthAnn and StevenFloyd) move to seattle where Millicent, becomes a nanny for Brian Morgan and his family.

    The Torkelsons started out in 1991 on NBC. The show is an excellent and clean family program. The story lines were fantastic and well thought out. It started out with a 14 year old girl who has a crush on their next door neighbor, Riley Roberts. The main premise of the show was, Millicent Torkelson, a high school dropout with 5 kids, no money, no father, and trying to make the best of a hard situation. The first episode, "Fence Neighbors" explains this. Millicent is forced to take in a border, Wesley Hodges, to help support her family and pay the bills. As the show progresses, we meet Randall Torkelson, the father, not a bad man but just doesn't quite get it. He keeps comming and going whenever he wants and doesn't help Millicent support her family. Millicent and Randall get a divorce. The rest of the show focuses on the hardships of growing up without a father, Millicent's struggle to find true love, and Dorthy Jane's hope to find true love. The ratings on the show were less than perfect and NBC wanted to pull the show after only 20 episodes. But the creator, Lynn Montgomery and writers were not ready to give up just quite yet, which is why they came up with the idea for the second season, Almost Home. The new season, brings Millicent and the family to Seattle where she will become a Nanny for Brian Morgan and his family. The main premise of this season was the romance between Millicent and Brian. The show was pulled after 13 episodes and we never knew what happened between them. After the series was pulled from the NBC lineup in the summer of 1993, a wonderful channel known as, "The Disney Channel" brought the show to their channel for syndication. The Torkelsons had an extremly long life and good home on The Disney Channel. The show lasted in RERUNS on the Disney Channel from 1993-2000. That's pretty good for a syndicated show that only had 33 episodes. Some people say that The Torkelsons died at Almost Home but I feel that The Torkelsons would of not been what it was on The Disney Channel without Almost Home. Its like a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich, you need both to make the perfect sandwhich.