The Torkelsons

NBC (ended 1993)





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  • Favorite show of all time

    This is not an understatement. The Torkelsons is my personal favorite show of all time. How this show slipped through the cracks is a crime, especially considering some of the long-running family sitcoms that ran during that time. Millicent Torkelson was the most realistic mother on television and truly one of the wisest. Regardless of whether you're male or female I think everyone could relate to eldest daughter Dorothy Jane. She went through many of the same things we all went through at 14. Although I was disappointed by the revamped Almost Home, I watched anyway because a revamped Torkelsons was better than no Torkelsons at all. Obviously some of the kids had to go or there would have been way too many, I just hate when characters disappear from a show without any explanation. But the one thing that never changed was Millicent's love of her children. I've said before that some of the best shows are the underdogs that didn't last, but had the Torkelsons gone for six or seven years maybe it wouldn't be as special as it was.