The Torkelsons - Season 2

NBC (ended 1993)




Episode Guide

  • Bowling for Daddies
    Bowling for Daddies
    Episode 13
    Millicent and Chuckie Lee enter themselves in Chuckie Lee's Wilderness Troop's father-son bowling tournament.
  • Hot Ticket
    Hot Ticket
    Episode 12
    Gregory gets it but good when he uses Brian's credit card in a desperate effort to land hard-to-get tickets to a big rock concert.
  • You Ought to Be in Pictures
    The camera loves Chuckie Lee, who loves the attention he gets posing in Brian's clothing catalogue. And when he gets a chance at a commercial, a reluctant Millicent acquiesces.
  • The Dance
    The Dance
    Episode 10
    Gregory's in trouble when tom-boy friend Sam transforms herself into a pretty young lady and asks him to the Girls' Choice Dance.
  • To Date or Not to Date
    Millicent's decree that Molly can't date a college-age guy creates solidarity between Molly and Dorothy Jane, who sneak out of the house together.
  • Duelling Birthdays
    Duelling Birthdays
    Episode 8
    Dorothy Jane and Molly's sweet-16 birthday parties coincide. Molly's is a back-yard extravaganza, while Dorothy Jane's is a plain affair with just the family.
  • To Jane Eyre is Human
    Molly plagiarizes Dorothy Jane's book report in order to please Brian, who's not pleased at all with Molly's recent report card.
  • Winner Take Millicent
    Brian's hotshot brother Jim asks out Millicent, and when things heat up between the two, Brian is left cold.
  • The Fox and the Hound
    When Brian's dinner date cancels at the last minute, he asks Millicent to fill in since the client he is meeting feels the man is only as good as the woman in his life.
  • Is That All There Is?
    The top jock in school asks out plain old Dorothy Jane, who sports newfound popularity in exchange for a rather bland relationship.
  • Sleeping with the Enemy
    It's far from a perfect match when Dorothy Jane and Molly must share a bedroom, but the possibility of Brian's match with an attractive woman is what really bothers Molly.
  • Girls and Boy
    Girls and Boy
    Episode 2
    Dorothy Jane enjoys her new job at a fast-food chicken joint, mainly because of her handsome supervisor, but Molly also wants a piece of this action.
  • New Moon
    New Moon
    Episode 1
    In the season/series premiere, Dorothy Jane starts out talking to the "Man in the Moon." She explains that Millicent is unable to make payments on the house and they will have to leave Pyramid Corners, Oklahoma forever. Later, on the bus, Dorothy Jane, still talking to the "Man in the Moon," explains that the family will be moving in with a business man, Brian Morgan, in which Millicent will be taking a job as a nanny for him and his kids. When the Torkelsons arrive at the Morgans, Molly and Gregory, Brian's kids, immediately dislike the whole Torkelsons family and devise a plan to get them back to Oklahoma. Molly tries to change Dorothy Jane's personality while Gregory makes Mary Sue and Chuckie Lee his "slaves." Their plan backfires, as Millicent finds out. Millicent then talks to Brian about his mistakes in fatherhood. Brian explains to Millicent that when his wife died, he had to take over her company and work hard to make it successful which explains the lack of time spent with his family. Brian then explains to his kids that the reason he brought the Torkelsons to their home is because they had a very hard life and he wanted his kids to learn about responsibility. Dorothy Jane learns of Molly's plan through a conversation with Millicent, and they both agree that Brian and his family need some time to adjust to them.moreless