The Torkelsons

Season 2 Episode 11

You Ought to Be in Pictures

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Apr 24, 1993 on NBC



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    • Gregory: Hey, kid, you know, me and you--we're tight.
      Chuckie Lee: We are?
      Gregory: Sure. Hey, want to go to the movies with me this weekend?
      Chuckie Lee: Gee, I'd love to!
      Gregory: Great! Wanna loan me ten bucks?
      Chuckie Lee: We're not that tight.

    • Brian: (about Chuckie Lee and the commercial) Face it, Mrs. Torkelson, he wasn't getting any better.
      Millicent: All Chuckie Lee wanted was to be noticed. Now he's hiding in the back seat of the car, feeling like a failure!

    • Chuckie Lee: (trying to get his mother to let him do the commercial) It's true. Mary Sue's the baby, so it's always "Isn't she cute?" And Dorothy Jane's the oldest, so she gets to do everything first. And now that we live here, half the time, nobody even knows I exist. I couldn't even get anybody to listen to me play the violin. But yesterday, I felt important--and special. And I liked it.

    • Brian: Oh, I almost forgot. Here's Chuckie Lee's paycheck for all the modeling.
      Millicent: Oh, thanks. I know he'll enjoy having a little extra money for comic books and going to the movies.....(opens paycheck, is stunned) In Acapulco! Are you sure this is right?!?!?
      Brian: Hey, it's the going rate for child models.
      Millicent: I know adults who don't make this much in a week--and you're looking at one!

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