The Tortellis

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The Tortellis

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A spin-off from the highly successful 'Cheers', 'The Tortellis' aired as a mid-season replacement starring Nick Tortelli, Carla's good for nothing ex-husband, who along with pretty wife Loretta moved to Las Vegas. The pair's aim was solely to make money, and both were willing to do anything possible to make that dream a reality. Execs disliked the series, and despite some high profile 'Cheers' actors guest starring in the series, the show was cancelled after barely even a season. The following year Nick and Loretta returned to Cheers as mere guest stars again, and their own series has rarely been repeated since.
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  • Cheers:the second spin-off

    The least successful of the two Cheers spin-offs, this series was more Joanie Loves Chacci than Mork and Mindy. I have only ever seen a handful of episodes, but from what I have seen, the series isn't as bad as people make out. Some of the humour, unlike 'Cheers' or 'Frasier', is hit-and-miss and unlike its cousin shows the characters are irritating at times, but overall this is a fine addition to a sit-com family that still desrves to be on the air today. Here we are presented with nice Nick, the show's main downfall. Why execs ever thought of him as spin-off material I will never know. He was the ultimate anti-hero in Cheers, and is not much better here. In a decade of Political Correctness, his remarks against women are right out of place on a family comedy. However, the little crossovers are nice, and much cleverer than most of 'Frasiers' where 'Cheers' cast members would literally bump into frasier on holiday or on a business trip. Like Cheers, this is a very family oriented show, and unlike Frasier, you don't need listen to every single joke to understand the punchline when it comes. However, in comparison with these two giants, you can fully understand why the show is overshadowed and rarely seen on syndication today.moreless