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  • Season 3
    • Clown Camp / The Big Waltz / Little Voice
      EPISODE 365 A. CLOWN CAMP When Rag Doll discovers that Clown has given up being a Clown, she talks him into teaching her the ropes. Characters: Clown, Rag Doll B. THE BIG WALTZ Rag Doll can't wait to learn the Great Big Waltz from Soldier, until she sees exactly how big it is, then she can't wait to get out of it. Characters: Soldier, Rag Doll C. LITTLE VOICE When Rag Doll carelessly knocks things over, she begins hearing (and trying to ignore) a little voice inside telling her to say sorry. Characters: Soldier, Ballerina, Rag Doll, Clownmoreless
    • Just a Minute / Follow the Leader / The Girl Who Cried…
      EPISODE 364 A. JUST A MINUTE Little Mouse is torn between a picnic with his parents and marching with Soldier, only to find he has missed both. Characters: Soldier, Little Mouse, Papa Mouse, Mama Mouse, Mice Twins B. FOLLOW THE LEADER Clown bitterly complains about having to follow leaders who make the game too easy or too hard, until he has to lead himself. Characters: Soldier, Rag Doll, Clown C. THE GIRL WHO CRIED… Rag Doll's fake tears get lots of attention, but when she cries real ones, no one believes her. Characters: Soldier, Ballerina, Rag Doll, Strongmanmoreless
    • Invisible Big Brother / Solo Sleep-Out / Dancing My Way
      EPISODE 363 A. INVISIBLE BIG BROTHER Little Mouse feels completely invisible when Ballerina and China Doll become enamored with the new babies. Characters: Ballerina, China Doll, Little Mouse, Sailor, Mice Twins B. SOLO SLEEP-OUT When Little Mouse is too scared to sleep out alone, he fears he has failed until Papa Mouse shares a secret. Characters: Soldier, Little Mouse, Mama Mouse, Papa Mouse C. DANCING MY WAY Ballerina gets huffy when Soldier prefers marching to dancing with her, until she figures out that she can have fun marching too. Characters: Soldier, Ballerinamoreless
    • Party for Three / Tooth Fairy / The Guest
      EPISODE 362 A. PARTY FOR THREE Clown and Soldier's competitive behavior almost ruins China Doll's perfect party for three. Characters: Soldier. China Doll, Clown B. TOOTH FAIRY Rag Doll is terrified to lose her loose tooth until Ballerina pretends to be the tooth fairy. Characters: Ballerina, China Doll, Rag Doll C. THE GUEST Rag Doll's first tea party, with her first guest, turns out to be a first class disaster because she refuses to share anything. Characters: Rag Doll, Clownmoreless
    • Lazy Days Dance / Horse Sugar / Romeo and Juliet
      EPISODE 361 A. LAZY DAYS DANCE When the group decides it is too hot to teach Little Mouse the days of the week dance, he convinces each of them to do only a small bit. Characters: Ballerina, China Doll, Mama Mouse, Little Mouse B. HORSE SUGAR China Doll must help Sugar the Horse overcome her shyness before she will dance with Ballerina. Characters: Ballerina, China Doll, Horse C. ROMEO AND JULIET Confusion sets in when everyone wants the same parts in Soldier's "Romeo and Juliet" ballet. Characters: Soldier, China Doll, Rag Doll, Little Mousemoreless
    • The Secret Club / Taking Time / Night Light
      EPISODE 360 A. THE SECRET CLUB When Rag Doll is shut out of Goblin and Clown's ‘Secret Club', she starts one of her own with Soldier. Characters: Soldier, Rag Doll, Goblin, Clown B. TAKING TIME When Rag Doll asks Soldier to dance with her, he tries to rush his own drill practice with disastrous results. Characters: Soldier, Rag Doll, C. NIGHT LIGHT At a sleep-out with Ballerina and Soldier, Goblin becomes afraid of the dark, but is even more afraid to admit it. Characters: Soldier, Ballerina, Goblinmoreless
    • Girls Games / China March / Big Girl Shoes
      EPISODE 359 A. GIRLS GAMES Frederick, playing with the girls, finds they always out-vote him, until he realizes he has other choices. Characters: Ballerina, China Doll, Freda Frog, Frederick Frog B. CHINA MARCH When China Doll finally gets up enough courage to ask Soldier to teach her to march, it is not what she expects as he keeps misunderstanding. Characters: Soldier, China Doll C. BIG GIRL SHOES Rag Doll can't wait to wear big-girl point shoes until she actually wears them. Characters: Soldier, China Doll, Rag Dollmoreless
    • Birthday Bash / Shy Too / Sky Show
      EPISODE 358 A. BIRTHDAY BASH When Freda sees her birthday gift is smaller than Frederick's, she is determined to get the big one. Characters: Ballerina, China Doll, Freda Frog, Frederick Frog B. SHY TOO When China Doll invites Mama Mouse for tea, both of them suffer great pangs of shyness, until they find in each other a friend. Characters: China Doll, Mama Mouse, Papa Mouse, Mice Twins C. SKY SHOW While waiting for a comet, Soldier is so busy entertaining a reluctant Goblin, that he misses it himself. Characters: Soldier, Goblinmoreless
    • Bizzle Soccer / Beautiful Tears / Ruby
      EPISODE 357 A. BIZZLE SCOCCER When Soldier realizes Rag Doll can't play Bizzle Hockey because her hands won't hold a stick, he creates a new game. Characters: Soldier, Rag Doll B. BEAUTIFUL TEARS Goblin and Rag Doll mistakenly think their squabbling is causing Ballerina to leave her friends and the Castle. Characters: Ballerina, Goblin, Rag Doll C. RUBY Little Mouse is desperately seeking the perfect birthday gift for his mother. Characters: Goblin, Little Mouse, Mama Mouse, Papa Mouse, Mice Twinsmoreless
    • Oh Brother / I Promise / Surprise Party
      EPISODE 356 A. OH BROTHER When Freda tires of her brother she enlists Soldier as a new one, until she realizes there is no brother like your own brother. Characters: Soldier, Rag Doll, Freda Frog, Frederick Frog B. I PROMISE Ballerina breaks a promise to China Doll, hurting her feelings, until she makes good on her word. Characters: Ballerina, China Doll, Goblin C. SURPRISE PARTY When Soldier throws a surprise party, China Doll and Rag Doll discover the big surprise is that it's his own birthday— and they have no gift. Characters: Soldier, China Doll, Rag Dollmoreless
    • Petrouchka / Tally Ho / Exercise Day
      EPISODE 355 A. PETROUCHKA A hilarious performance occurs when Soldier, putting on the ballet Petrouchka, directs Clown to act the part of a sad puppet. Characters: Soldier, China Doll, Strongman, Clown B. TALLY HO Clown and Rag Doll give up trying to join Soldier's fast and furious heel-toe march, until they realize they just have to speak up. Characters: Soldier, Ballerina, Rag Doll, Clown C. EXERCISE DAY Confusion occurs when Strongman tells Rag Doll and Ballerina to prepare for exercise day, but forgets to tell them he means weight training. Characters: Ballerina, Rag Doll, Strongmanmoreless
    • Waiting for Santa / Sailor Scrooge / I Believe
      EPISODE 354 A. WAITING FOR SANTA China Doll convinces the others to stay up all Christmas Eve, watching the cookies and milk, in hopes of seeing Santa. Characters: Ballerina, China Doll, Sailor B. SAILOR SCROOGE Sailor is a grumpy humbug to everyone, until in a dream he realizes he's hurt the feelings of his best friends. Characters: Sailor, Strongman, Freda Frog, Frederick Frog C. I BELIEVE When Clown and Soldier arrive to decorate for Hanukkah, the courtyard is a mess, but Clown's unstoppable belief makes miracles happen. Characters: Soldier, Clownmoreless
    • Once a Mama / Babysitting Bluster / Super Sitters
      EPISODE 353 A. BABY-SITTING BLUSTER Clown, trying to bluster the girls into playing with him rather than baby-sitting, ends up babysitting himself, with hilarious results. Characters: Ballerina, China Doll, Clown, Mice Twins B. SUPERSITTERS Clown and Little Mouse, now self-proclaimed experts, try to figure out how to keep the babies quiet. Characters: Clown, Little Mouse, Mice Twins C. ONCE A MAMA Mama Mouse, invited to dance with Ballerina and Soldier, is torn between leaving her babies and dancing. Characters: Soldier, Ballerina, Mama Mouse, Papa Mouse, Mice Twinsmoreless
    • Brag Busters / Double Doggy Dare / Big Brother
      EPISODE 352 A. BRAG BUSTERS Goblin persists in bragging until Soldier and Strongman give him a taste of it back. Characters: Soldier, Clown, Strongman, Goblin B. DOUBLE DOGGY DARE Goblin tricks Rag Doll into thinking that she can't say no to a ‘Double Doggy Dare' with disastrous results. Characters: Ballerina, Rag Doll, Goblin C. BIG BROTHER Strongman and Clown decide to become brothers but have a falling out when Strongman gets the courage to say ‘no' to his ‘big brother'. Characters: Strongman, Clownmoreless
    • Olympic Champ / Again Please / Same Old Toys
      EPISODE 351 A. OLYMPIC CHAMP Clown, who never likes to compete, ends up winning the gold just by being his good-hearted goofy self. Characters: Soldier, Clown, Goblin, Strongman B. AGAIN PLEASE When Rag Doll begs for the same story to be read over and over, Goblin and Ballerina find a new way of story-telling. Characters: Ballerina, Goblin, Rag Doll C. SAME OLD TOYS Clown is bored with all his same-old toys, until they disappear. Characters: Clown, Strongmanmoreless
    • Sleep Dancing / The Girl Who Cried… / Dance of the Ribbons
      EPISODE 350 A. SLEEP DANCING Goblin, reluctant to admit to Ballerina that he needs a nap, perfects the art of sleep-dancing. Characters: Ballerina, Goblin, Strongman B. BIRTHDAY BLUNDER When Soldier is given two birthday gifts he doesn't like at all, he must decide what to do and say. Characters: Soldier, Ballerina, China Doll C. DANCE OF THE RIBBONS When Soldier decides ribbon dancing is ‘sissy', Strongman betrays his friend Ballerina to side with him. Characters: Soldier, Ballerina, Strongmanmoreless
    • Snowflakes / Ballerina Big Top / Little Rag Doll
      EPISODE 349 A. SNOWFLAKES When Rag Doll sees how ‘different' her dancing is from Ballerina and China Doll's, she refuses to be in the Dance of the Snowflakes. Characters: Ballerina, China Doll, Rag Doll B. BALLERINA BIG TOP Clown makes fun of Ballerina's gentle dancing until she runs him through Circus hoops the Ballerina way. Characters: Ballerina, Clown C. LITTLE RAG DOLL On her birthday, everyone keeps calling Rag Doll ‘little' until she sets the record straight. Characters: Soldier, Ballerina, Rag Doll, Strongmanmoreless
    • Lost Gloves / Block Dancing / Delightful Dance Duel
      EPISODE 348 A. LOST GLOVES China Doll loses her gloves and ‘jumps to the wrong conclusion' that Ballerina took them. Characters: Ballerina, China Doll B. BLOCK DANCING Because Clown isn't paying attention, he creates a dance disaster when he and the Frogs practice ‘Block Dancing' instead of ‘Square Dancing'. Characters: China Doll, Clown, Freda, Frederick C. DELIGHTFUL DANCE DUEL Clown unfairly judges the dance competition, forcing Ballerina to make the only right decision. Characters: Ballerina, China Doll, Clownmoreless
    • Not Your Party / No Girls Allowed / Meow Meow's Birthday
      EPISODE 347 A. NOT YOUR PARTY Ballerina tries to boss Sailor and Clown into party decorations ‘Ballerina style', until she realizes it's not her party. Characters: Ballerina, China Doll, Sailor, Clown B. NO GIRLS ALLOWED China Doll shows up at a sleep-out creating panic at the traditionally all-boy event. Characters: Soldier, China Doll, Strongman, Clown C. MEOW MEOW'S BIRTHDAY When Strongman throws a party for his stuffed cat, Clown makes fun of him, certain that no one will come. Characters: Ballerina, Strongman, Clownmoreless
  • Season 2
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