The Transporter: The Series

Cinemax Premiered Oct 11, 2012 In Season



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  • Love it!!!!!!!!!!!

    The best show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Is this series.......

    dead or alive now? We've not even had it in the UK yet, but it looks really good and as a big fan of Chris Vance I hope it at least get's a second series (which is more than the brilliant 'Mental' did). :(
  • Well made action packed series - The Chronological order of the episodes is very messed up

    The show is enjoyable but I felt I should post the thing that annoyed me the most. The episodes are not presented in anything resembling chronological order. You can watch an episode where a villain dies at the end and the Transporter and a woman are "together" and in an episode not far after that the villain will be alive again and the woman and the Transporter will not know each other yet. There are quite a few skipping around things like this. It is pretty annoying. I enjoyed season 1, but the Chronological order is way out of whack. If you check the WIKI they list three different Chronological orders for the series depending on which country it aired in. NONE of them are very good in terms of chronological order, but others seem better. There are some orders where he is talking about his red car his mechanic doesn't like him to use, before even doing the Trojan Horsepower episode where he first encounters that car. This is the only series I have ever watched to have this many chronological issues. Other than that it is fun to watch.
  • Great show, with the charm of a james bond

    Like all the european show, this one as more brain than the average tv shows. some episodes are bads (3 of them in fact), but the others are very good.

    The show is more like a james bond movie than the transporter. The main actor is like james bond in i s better days, not like the actual james bond, who is more like an action caracter.
  • A great movie, a very bad tv show

    It's like The fantastic car. Whitout the "sex", it should be for kids.
  • silly tw@ts

    any one watching this series should check the correct viewing format on wikipedia - whoever strung these together was a deaf/blind bloke (or woman) not one is in the correct order
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