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FOX (ended 2000)


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  • Season 1
    • Turf Wars
      Turf Wars
      Episode 11
      Freddie hopes to make amends with his wife on their anniversary. Alex questions her new relationship. The millionaire investor challenges the staff to a football match, while a woman from his company makes a fool of Evan. Chris tries to get Donna to hop on board with him, Gillian and Clay.moreless
    • Junk Bonds
      Junk Bonds
      Episode 10
      Catherine is forced to mix business with pleasure with an old fling who is investing millions. Bridget takes Alex out manhunting, where Alex hooks up with a guy who's more than meat to the eye. Jack gives Chris' replacement the cold shoulder. Freddie and Evan wind up in jail trying to close the deal with Catherine's former beau, and Freddie's marriage falls apart because of it. Gillian and Clay rent an office space, which Chris has to pay for.moreless
    • Past Performance
      Past Performance
      Episode 9
      Evan is seeing a woman on the internet who's behind bars. Alex goes apartment hunting, and winds up accepting Bridget's offer to move in with her. Freddie's wife contemplates a boob job in the wake of his successful nut job. Gillian continues to try to get Chris to invest his money.moreless
    • Rebound
      Episode 8
      The staff all get to enjoy a luxury skybox, courtesy Divack. Freddie becomes hypersensitive over his soon-to-be-departed testicle. Evan gets a new male friend who's a little too clingy. Alex falls for a sports agent who wants her to back his idea. Gillian and her friend, Clay, have a financial proposition for Chris that's too good to pass up.moreless
    • Miracle on Wall Street
      Freddie fears all is not right in the state of his pants. Evan is intrigued by a Muslim woman, who, together with her father, wants to invest multi-millions. Gillian invites Chris to dinner, but it's not what he thinks. Divack makes Catherine handle the Christmas choir, and makes Jack break it to Chris that he isn't getting a Christmas bonus.moreless
    • The Ultimatum
      The Ultimatum
      Episode 6
      A new branch opens up in Paris, and Divack has his eye on Alex for a transfer. Evan is attacked by a bad boy rapper after trashing his high-profile company on TV. Alex gives Jack a marriage ultimatum, which destroys their relationship. Catherine is propositioned by the CEO of a female impotence company, and ends up nailing him in an elevator. Tim's sister, Gillian, throws a birthday party for him, complete with stripper. Chris takes a shining to Gillian.moreless
    • Hostile Makeover
      Hostile Makeover
      Episode 5
      Divack makes Alex and Jack help a female fashion mogul raise enough money to stop her greedy ex-husband from buying her company out from under her, which doesn't do wonders for their engagement. Evan purchases a lucky chicken to assist him in picking out stocks. Chris begins dating a fashion model who works for the mogul's company. Divack punishes Donna by closing her trading account.moreless
    • Closet Cases
      Closet Cases
      Episode 4
      Bridget joins the firm, and immediately damages Jack's and Alex's relationship before damaging Catherine's stock portfolio. Donna gets in hot water for trading stocks that employees aren't allowed to trade. Evan discovers his girlfriend is a porn star. Someone falls for Tim -- and not a woman.
    • High Yield Bonds
      High Yield Bonds
      Episode 3
      An ace deal causes a client to have a heart attack. Chris makes a serious error on the job, which loses Freddie money. Jack and Bridget have an affair. Freddie makes a move on the heart attack victim's daughter.
    • Propheting on Losses
      The firm's losses put the staff's jobs in jeopardy, Chris most of all. Evan's girlfriend wants a threesome. Freddie seeks to find out the size of Tim's rod. Jack wants to ditch a stock, expectant that the company's CEO--whose daughter he used to date--died in a plane crash.
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Catherine is promoted to vice president. Divack treats Tim like a gofer. Balmont Stevens plan a deal with a sperm bank company. Donna tells Chris off for walking out on her. Jack has a fancy bachelor party, where Evan meets his match and Jack learns that Alex is having second thoughts.moreless