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Syfy (Mini-Series 2005)

This movie trashed the Bermuda Triangle!!! What a disappointment!!!!

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    [1]Feb 27, 2006
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    Okay when I heard about this movie I thought: "Wow I can't wait for this movie! This is going to be great!!! Finally a GOOD TV movie on the Bermuda Triangle!!!"

    A year and a half before this movie was released I began writing a sci-fi novel on the Bermuda Triangle and I thought I'd be an idiot not to watch this movie. Boy was I wrong!

    Okay The Triangle had so much potential since it dealt with one of the biggest mysteries on Earth!!! Unfortunately the creators screwed it up!!! Okay Part One was good because I liked the kid rapidly accelerating in age when the plane crashed into the ocean caused by Flight 19 and the sunken ship graveyard but here's where the mistake lies! They brought the submarine to the surface! When it could have explored farther under the Atlantic they jerked the rugs out from under us and set the crew back on the surface in an alternate future!!!

    Here's where we go from what could have been great to a mildly entertaining cliche! Instead of wowing us with great special effects sea monsters, aliens, Atlantis and really cool ideas like these we get stuck with the whole time warp deal! After that I was looking forward to the conclusion in Part Three but was sadly mistaken when it was all revealed to be a government conspiracy! This isn't The X Files it's the Bermuda Triangle!!!!

    This movie is garbage and should be called The Trash-angle!!! It had so much potential but took it in an entirely different direction that makes me believe that my book could be turned into a movie that is ten times better than this one!

    You won't find goverment conspiracies in my novel like this pile of garbage sci-fi made to "entertain" people! I'm sure most Bermuda Triangle movies are much more imaginative than THE TRASH-ANGLE!!!!!

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    [2]Mar 12, 2006
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    Yes, this miniseries had tons and tons of potential, but it quickly fell apart and became painful to watch. The ending was ridiculous. Overall it was a major disappointment.
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    nice way of trying to get some publicity for your little story by trashing a mini tv-series about the same subject. way to go bub... ohh wait NOT
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