The Triangle

Season 1 Episode 3

Part 3

Aired Unknown Dec 07, 2005 on Syfy

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  • The Triangle fact or fiction?

    Interesting plot line which has been done over the years with different producers and actors, however I can't seem to access part 3, anyone have an idea of why it is not available here in Canada? For all of you like me who have an interest in this genre film/story line. There was a fairly well written soft back book written and sold in the 70's called the Bermuda Triangle. It documented the more well known cases of loss both in the air and at sea. You might like it. Back to part 3 if anyone has a solution I would welcome it. Part 1 & 2 were very entertaining, Some of the feelings/behaviours displayed by the characters trying to go about their day to day lives remind you of deja vu, where you remember being in the same place before thinking the same thoughts about where you are and even some conversations. Do we have a parallel world? And yes remenissent of the 'Philadelphia Story' film. I gave it a high score because there is definetely more going on than we understand or are told. I would really like to see the end though.
  • awesome.

    Now we're watching part 3 and the final episode of the mini series. The mysteries that were introduced from the last 2 episodes are explained in the last episode. Some scientific experiment is thrown in to make the backdrop interesting, the bermuda triangle is perhaps one of the most mysterious of all unexplained phenomenon, and in a sci fi show it's hard to tackle this subject without getting close along the lines of silliness, but the writers did something here to make it look right. This episode nails it well, it's better than the ending of Taken. This episode ends the show really well.
  • It all comes down to this one, will the Triangle team save the world or not?

    It all comes down to this one, will the Triangle team save the world or not? After watching the pervious night episode that was a slight downgrade from the first episode, this episode is much better with the fact that this episode felt like that it had a purpose rather than to full up space.
    That purpose was to end the miniseries and it dose it on a good and a little bit of ordinarily then any other movie or TV series episode that deals with a rip in time that threatens all of the world. Most of the time it decided that best chose of action is to use a huge explosion of some type to seal the rip, but in this time that not the best choice of action, because it would cause what they were trying to prevent. So the best choice of action was to leave the thing alone, because it would heal itself, stating that nature will heal itself without us interfering with it, it we do the world might end up more worst then it was before.
    I personally loved the character development that Howard Thomas went through in this three part miniseries. When we first saw him in the first part of the miniseries he was a divorced cynical and skeptical journalist that thought that the entire thing about the Bermuda Triangle was just a myth, more hype rather then substance, despite the fact that he almost know everything about the thing, which was the reason why he was brought along with the team. But as the series progresses and he experiences stranger and stranger phenomena that he can’t explain via normal means, he starts to believes that the thing Triangle thing might be a real thing, and that his feelings about the thing might be wrong. That he should take this thing at face value and actually do something about it, and that what he dose, he jump willing into the time vortex, not knowing what will happen to him at the other end of it. This action that he performs, does changes the outcome of the world and that in the long run saves the world, despite the fact that he sacrifices other team member to do so.
    It does seem fitting that he ends up with the best reality at the end of the series, because he willing to do so much for the world, to sacrifices his life and the life of another to save the world. So he was rewarded for his efforts, a second-chance at his marriage before it ends up in a divorce and his family. The only one in the entire miniseries be showed receiving the check that was promised to him by the millionaire, despite the fact that nobody expect a hand full of people knows what is talking about.
    As I stated before in the general review of the series as a hole, I personally loved Stoltz’s performance as Howard Thomas, he seem to give the character a sense that this guy might be the guy down the street in your town. I would love to this guy in more roles.
  • Could have been better.

    This mini-series could have been better. It was pretty much over in the first hour of part 3 when they figured the Navy was wrong. After the guy went back in time, though, it just got silly. If he'd saved both guys from his truck when the bridge disappeared, then it would have made more sense, but to say he saved one and not the other, then reversed that decision during the rehash is, well, predictable.

    Frankly, there should have been more parts to this. It could have easilly been a full week and kept my attention. They could have explored the concept of alternate realities and multiverses more and made the ending less predictable. Having every member of the team try to stop the creation of the Bermuda Triangle would have been more exciting. And more background on Benirall's creepy twin brother would have been better.
  • i was very unhappy about the ending becouse suddenly in a show that i had managed to follow a very twisted plot for six hours lost me . i feel like it dumped me in the fish tank along with the cross

    every thing was fine until the last 2 minutes and then i was mad becouse i was lost. did evey one but me get why the writer was sent 5 million and what in the world did the iron cross he dumped into the fish tank have to do with anything.i liked the show for almost six hours and then it was ruined for me by the so called ending.if everyone in the audience got it but me will someone please let me in on the secret.
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