The Triangle

Season 1 Episode 3

Part 3

Aired Unknown Dec 07, 2005 on Syfy



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  • Quotes

    • Emily Patterson: (about the "crux event") What's gonna happen?
      Douglas Weist: We have no real consensus, but every opinion from every expert has always started with the rather colorful phrase "God help us".

    • Howard Thomas: We did it. We closed the Triangle.
      Emily Patterson: More to the point, the Triangle never happens at all.
      Bruce Geller: Never happened at all.

  • Notes

    • The day the cigarette boat scene was filmed turned out to be the calmest day in Miami in 10 years. The stormy ocean and the lightnings had to be created using digital effects.

    • Although credited in the opening credits of all three episodes, Barrie Ingham (Douglas Weist) only appears in the last one.

    • The last part of the mini-series was watched by 3.9 million viewers. Although the amount of viewers was down from the first two parts, the episode was the top program of the day in cable among adults aged 25-54. All in all, The Triangle achieved the position of being the highest-rated miniseries on Sci Fi since the Emmy Award-winning Taken in December 2002.

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