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  • 45 minutes of my life I will never get back...

    EDIT: This is not a review about the Sci-Fi show "The Triangle". It is about a pilot of a show called "Triangle" which was never picked up. Due to that the section of "my" Triangle got transformed into the Sci-Fi Triangle, but my review is still here. For any mods: PLEASE DELETE, thank you ;)

    I'll just cut to the chase: This is about the worst show I've probably seen in my life...
    The plot is plain and simple. A young couple goes on it's honeymoon on a yacht in bermuda triangle. The opening scene is like the beginning of any CSI-episode... Everything is great, there's lots of laughing and lots of sex and the next morning: The newly wed wife is missing (okay, on CSI she would probably be dead ;-) ). So her husband calls the police, they can't find her, tell him he should stop looking but he doesn't give up... During the pilot he gets one or two clues she might still be alive (alltough we know she still is, whatelse would be the point of this series?) but there is this "creepy" cop who tries to sabotage him every single time. So far so boring, but there are shows with worse plot which still are more fun to watch.
    Why this show really sucks? Well, for starters the music is AWFUL. Never have I seen/heard such bad taste in music in all the wrong moments. Hip-Hop music, raggae, pop but everytime in the wrong place. There's a scene which is supposed to be thrilling and they play some hip-hop (I think). There's a scene which is supposed to be emotional and they play some happy music instead of something touching. A deaf person would have done a better job...
    Additionally the dialog is just cr*p. It's like taken from an improvised school play of 10-year-olds. There's a line spoken by the main-character (he's doctor) that is so cheesy, it actually hurt (and still does): "Saving a life is one of the greatest feelings in the world. It will bring you joy everytime you think about it." - You don't tell!!! Who would've thought?! Should I mention, that the actor who plays the main-character actually is the best actor in the series? At least you can see he's trying, although this doesn't prevent him from failing...
    I recall a scene, pretty much at the beginning, in where the vanished wife (which at least is fun to look at - just too bad she's now probably not getting that much air-time) gets out of the water and walks up to her husband. It reminded me A LOT of this James Bond scene, where Bo Derek gets out of the water. If this is wanted, it's an insult :-)
    Overall: Stay away from this unless you like to torture yourself... I still have a headache from this...
  • Sigh, can we just get some originality and fact checking?

    Despite the winning cast, and the high power names, I must admit that when a jetliner has a near miss with a squadron of prop planes, my suspension of disbelief crashes and burns.

    Boeing 747 - Max Level Speed, at altitude: 575 mph (930 km/h) at 35,000 ft (10675 m), Mach 0.87.

    TBM Avenger - top Speed: 276 mph, Ceiling: 22,368 feet

    Two mile altitude difference is hard to swallow.
  • 4 hours of my life i will never get back...actually 2 hrs and 20 minutes considering I have my trusty TiVo remote to get through all the commercials

    Now I know what your going to say The Triangle was a six hour miniseries. Well after the first part, which was fantastic, the show went downhill. Come on people, I'm so sick of all these government conspiracy bull crap that every show is trying to rake in viewers with. Who god damn cares!!! And who cares that Ritchie Valens keeps losing his mind...just pause...sing La Bamba...and then splat...shoot yourself.
    There's another thing, you think a few special effects in the first two parts and Catherine bell is going to suck the real world into giving up their nights of there life for this show. People, the triangle is surrounded by water and we barely got to see her in a bikini. Now that would have broke up the monotonous dialogue but when it come down to it she looks like a damn gold fish. So freakin what if she sticks those saggy boobies in a push up bra and a few million people all of a sudden think J.A.G. deserves an Emmy. Damn the Si-Fi channel!!! This may be cruel but I will meet them in, me, and the guys who canceled 7th Heaven.
  • There are a whole lot of shows on TV worse than Triangle. Ivan Sergei, DB Woodside and Elize Du Toit star in this Paramount/UPN/Shore View Entertainment effort.

    Triangle begins with Jack (Sergei) and his wife Jensen on their honeymoon in the Bermuda Triangle. Jack wakes one morning to find Jensen gone from their boat, without a trace. Local police Captain Bastille (Woodside) looks into the disappearance. Six months later, Jack is still in the islands, refusing to believe his wife fell overboard and drowned. When a shark is caught and his wife’s camera is found in its belly, Jack’s conviction that something happened to Jensen and that she didn’t just drown is cemented. While searching another island for a clue, Jack saves the life of an islander and when Bailey (Du Toit) gently points out to him that maybe he’s here at the right time to help the islanders, he decides to stay.

    If this show isn’t careful it could become a typical cliché and fast. I found the pilot to be intriguing. Ivan Sergei as Jack Cavanaugh completely pulled me into his anguish at losing his wife on their honeymoon. And let’s be honest, Sergei is pretty easy on the eyes. I wasn’t quite sure what side Morgan Bastille was on, as he did a few things that could be taken a variety of ways, but I want to know more. The island setting was beautiful and the undercurrents of ‘something rotten in paradise’ piques my curiosity. Hopefully, the studio will continue with this series. I would definitely tune in to see if the show could be fresh and fun. And let’s face it, we could use some fun and sun after the shadows of all the police procedurals out there.
  • whats this show about ok i dont think the us navy has this stuff come on what a waste of time are we going to find out who is doing this.

    i have watched this show now and waiting for something good to happend ? this isnt scifi this is crap when is it going to get good thi sis just like the other shows on nbc and cbs surface sucks what godzilla ? thats funny lets see cathrine bell in a swim suit and show somwe thing good ok lame some sci fi your no good any more..
  • I've seen worse.

    The three part mini-series, "The Triangle" had its ups and downs, but for the most part was not a bad effort for a M.F.T.V.M. Some of the special effects were pretty good for the small screen and some were downright ridiculous. But the main thing is, I think, they gave it a good, college try. Eric Stoltz always brings respectiblity to whatever he's in and his character's complexities were well fleshed out. The rest of the cast did a fine job, too. But here's what I don't fully understand... This 6-hour spectacle must have cost a great deal of money. It's hard for me to imagine that the people who put money into this got a payback. Let's face it, it's not the superbowl. They ain't selling commercial time for a million bucks a shot. However, compared to the ill-fated "Poseidon Adventure" remake and the laughable "Category 7, The End Of The World," "The Triangle" was cinematic brilliance.
  • For those of you who need something to watch when ABC is airing a LOST re-run.

    Now, to clarify, The Triangle is not going to be able to replace Lost. However, it will offer you a somewhat comfortable respite on your off nights. The Triangle is a mini-series based on the paranormal phenomenon that is the Bermuda Triangle. The show follows a scientist, a tabloid jounalist, an "extreme" metoroligist and a psychic through their experiences with the Bermuda Triangle. Each one of them are part of a team, compiled by a cargo delivering millionaire, to find out why his cargo ships continue to go down in the southern Atlantic. After a few days into the journey though, the team begins to experience strange occurances in their real life. For the most part, the show has an entertaining storyline that seems to keep you curious. It has a great cast led by Sam Neil and Eric Stultz, and plenty of special effects to reel you in to the story's more unbelievable aspects. What else do you have to do with your "LOST" time. Get it?
  • Weather the Storm!

    I really liked the first installment of this three day Sci-Fi Mini Series with X-Men's Bryan Singer, Farscape's Rockne S. O'Bannon, and Dean Devlin who produced Independence day. Great cast and interesting chemistry between the characters promised a better than average SciFi Channel outing. I was less than enthused by the end of the confusing and "military as the bad guy" ploy of the second but still interested enough to finish it. Although not completely redeeming itself the fun fun twists and effects of the finale make me want to give this a better than average rating. I was pleased but given the potential not overwhelmed. Eric Stoltz and Lou Diamond Phillips were outstanding in their respective roles.
  • I love the Mini Series But None of my friends has ever heard of the show or watch it.

    I love The Triangle but I think they could make more previews on diffrent channels because none of my friends heard or watch the show. I am so alone. LoL But anyways, I think they could make it more exciting and "out" so more people could watch it. They only commercial that I saw for The Triangle is for there DVD..
  • Not what I expected

    It's funny I have looked forward to watching this show, I thought with such a strong cast, it really did stand a chance, but I was disapointed with the whole thing.

    It jumped from one scene to another, sometimes making little or no sense whats so ever.

    Catherine Bell is a great actress, and yet she was so meak and mild in this.
    I was expecting perhaps a little too much, btu when you think Bermuda Triangle you start to think, Ohhh a good movie here.

    I am not saying don't watch it, because it is watchable, but the trouble is it is not excitting, so very quickly my mind started to wander.

    A strong cast, headed by some great talent, just such a weak script.
  • The Triangle is an epic six hour three night mini-series that drives into what exactly is the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle and why it causing so much trouble for the various of planes and boats that have traveled through its waters to only disappear wi

    The Triangle is an epic six hour three night mini-series that drives into what exactly is the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle and why it causing so much trouble for the various of planes and boats that have traveled through its waters to only disappear without a trace, through the various centuries, all the way back to 1492 when Columbus sallied his way to the New World.
    Please don’t get this one confused by the 2001 movie of the same name, they are two totally different things who only share the fact that the Bermuda Triangle is base for their plots. This one comes from the minds of Bryan Singer, who directed X-Men, Dean Devlin, who help produced Stargate and Independence Day, and finally Rockne S. O'Bannon who wrote screenplay who also did work on Farscape.
    This series kicks off when shipping tycoon Eric Benirall, played by Sam Neill, hires rag-team of expects who themselves have various backgrounds that seem to have no connection to each other, to find out why he is losing so much cargo ships in waters of the Bermuda Triangle, but he is hiding the fact that he lost his twin brother to the Triangle a couple years ago and wants to find out what happen to him. Benirall explains why he picked them because each one of them brings something to the table while it maybe meteorology (Bruce Geller, played by Michael E. Rodgers), deep ocean knowledge(Emily Patterson, played by Catherine Bell), knowledge in the paranormal(Stan Lathem, played by Bruce Davison),or even being a news reporter (Howard Thomas, played by Eric Stoltz ).To further encourage them on he will paid them each five million dollars of his own money if he solves the enigma of what the Bermuda Triangle is.
    With that thought on the back of their minds they start their search for the mystery of the Triangle and to find out what it is really is. While they are their journey they experience a series of bizarre events that seem to question their reality and what is really going on with the Triangle, to top all of this off the military get in their way of their investigation as well. With questions their will to even continue on this path, but despite this they continue on it and when they do discover a series of twists that turns the entire series on its head, not once, but twice.
    I personally loved the plot of this story, forces solely on the Bermuda Triangle and what really causes it, making it almost like a character of this show, not use as a location ploy to get a person to watch the movie or even an episode or a series, I have seen this done before a couple of times before. To top all of this off the person that is call them in is willing to paid them for all of their efforts.
    Now with the acting in this mini-series, I have pretty impressive by the group of actors and actress that they got for this mini-series, lesser known actors and actress that aren’t wash-up. Yes, there were two of the actors that had name recognitions to them, Sam Neil and Lou Diamond Phillips, but the others I didn’t recognize. In bit of irony, the actors who names that I did recognizes, Lou and Sam, their acting in this mini-series felt like they were flat almost like they didn’t give it their all, with is a little sad because both Lou and Sam are good actors and I would like to see a little more life injected into their characters. The real actors that shined in this mini-series are the lesser known actors, I.e. Stoltz, Bell, Davison, and Rodgers. But the real star in this mini-series is Stoltz, who in the beginning of this series was disbeliever in all of this stuff, but in the end became a believer in all and was the hero of the series.
    The computer effects in this series were good for being a mini-series and I felt like that there were in the right number, there wasn’t to many of them to overload the characters and the story.
  • Bset Of The Best...for who understands it! realy it was good.

    Real good and great serie.
    If you just know a little bit about beurmudas triangle you will be amazed by this serie and if you dont know anything about it you may learn new stuff and learn the theories about it.
    If you are a fan of the triangle and it's news you have to watch this serie it is really good.
    I do loved it,althou it was a little short,but it still great.
    There is a lot of theories about it the most fasinating theory it I think that it is a worm-hole and the one that combine the triangle with atlantis the lost empire,it could be something greater than we ever thought about...

    I advise everyone who likes things about the triangle to watch this fantastic serie and then you decide what does it means.
    but remember you have to understand it and the things about it to judge it.
    hope you do...
  • Very short.

    After seeing all of this series i found that the ending was very rushed and un-satifiying almsot asthough the writers didn't know how to end the show on a good note. The first two parts were pretty good and so was the thrid part up until they rushed the story and came out with alternative universe or reality. Overall this was quite a good mini series i think that this show could have been a proper series and could have run weakly over a course of a lot of episodes. Anyway that is not the case, the show does have a good cast and the story is very intresting. Just be prepared for the ending. But other than that the show was fairly good definatly work watching if you are a SCIFI fan.
  • One of the best mini series out there.

    If there's one thing that's not good about this is that it has a look of something that was made for tv. It could be blamed for the small budgets that are used for tv productions. But the thing that stands out here is the storyline of The Triangle. It's made by Bryan Singer of X-Men and Dean Devlin of Stargate and Independence Day. It's a very fresh look at the Bermuda Triangle myth. Some sort of scientific subplot is thrown in to make it interesting. The main plot is about a group of people hired by a billionaire to figure out what's going on inside the Triangle, it's a really great mini series I've seen in a while.
  • Fab... What more can I say... Watch it!

    The latest in a growing line of slick miniseries produced by the Sci-Fi Channel, Dean Devlin and Bryan Singer\'s The Triangle draws from a number of standard sci-fi story elements in an effort to provide an original take on a tired enigma. While the miniseries concerns itself with a mystery long celebrated as unsolvable, The Triangle keeps itself from descending into maddening vagueness by demanding concrete answers from both its characters and its story. That\'s not to say this story is not enigmatic, but this is a brain-teasing puzzle with a surprising solution. Writer Rockne S. O\'Bannon should be commended. The Bermuda Triangle here is more intriguing than it has ever been, kept entertaining by the slow revealing of the shadowy sources of its power. The threat escalates as the film progresses and scientific theories--ranging from wormholes to alternate realities to exotic matter--are blended into an engaging, reality-threatening cataclysm of apocalyptic proportion. At the outset, single ships are threatened but by the time of the paradoxical climax, the globe hangs in the balance. The inevitable time-travel is elegantly handled amidst all of this and the endgame is both intelligent and stunning.

    The acting here is above average, too, and each of the leads elevates not only their character\'s role but the film\'s believability as well. Eric Stoltz, Bruce Davison, Catherine Bell, and Michael E. Rodgers are excellent as a team of unique experts in unusual fields of study. Keeping the story emotionally grounded is Lou Diamond Phillips, whose individualized subplot allows us to experience the film\'s reality-altering oddness through the eyes of an everyman. The miniseries is beautifully produced, nicely photographed, and the considerable visual effects are always impressive. More importantly, those effects are used primarily to service the story\'s intricacies, not as a means of distracting from plot holes. In fact, The Triangle\'s most serious flaws are those extended scenes echoing science fiction clich�s for suspense or drama, chunks of the narrative that will seem all-too familiar--and perhaps, as a result, all-too dull--for fans of the genre. Conspiracy plotlines wear thin too quickly, the quirks of Davison\'s psychic irritate as they escalate, and Sam Neill\'s obsessed magnate is instantly forgettable. At those moments when the film is successful, however, it plays off of our curiosity and becomes quite gripping. Viewers have set-out on this sort of strange sea voyage before, but Devlin and Singer manage to make it smart and sexy. The Triangle does make something old new again; the three-part miniseries takes a host of familiar pseudo-scientific theories and science fiction themes and finds a way to recombine them into something that feels, for the most part, fresh.
  • Wow, that was complete disappointment!

    First time when I heard Bryan Singer was going to shoot the mini series named "The Triangle" I was on cloud nine. It took me a while to get this show on DVD in my county. Unfortunately, the excitement was replaced with disappointment. The cast looked promising. Sam Neill, Lou Diamond Phillips and Catherine Bell directed by Bryan Singer. The problem was not with the cast, but with the script. The plot of missing ships and planes was all right, but the writer made up a ridiculous explanation to all that. Electromagnetic anomaly caused by scientists in 1940’s? I do not think so. This is nature! There are lots of similar or totally different anomalies all over the world. They are not caused by humans!
    This is one big minus for the show and the huge minus is the conclusion of the show.
    They magically fixed the problem by not doing anything and the time returned, corrected everything like it never existed and only those five people involved in finding the reason of the anomaly remembered those two realities. I am certain Bryan Singer could have avoided this screenplay and did not have to stain his reputation.
  • I want my two hours back!

    Actually I invested a little more than two hours into Triangle. But I just couldn't go on any further after about twenty minutes into the second night. The story is so garbled it disappears up its own backside. Psychic, girl scientist, hipster professor, maverick billionaire, government conspiracy. The only thing the producers of Triangle forgot was the dwarf. But that's alright, because the dwarf will arrive when the ratings for this fiasco come in--first night big; second night microscopic; and nothing on the register thereafter. You really must wonder where some producers dig up all their cliches and copycat work. Triangle = unoriginal, dull, colorless, and wooden. And, please, would somebody tell all these new programs to stop with the submarines already!
  • Great effects, good acting. But the content was a little poor...

    This mini-series was a very well done but the content was a little to short and would absolutly made a good tv-series of many series if they just wanted.
    I sure as hell want more because i wasn't pleased with this, i loved the idea and the effects but it's only 50% of the show. i want more to see.

    But as a sci-fi nerd i sure loved it with all these dramas all around..
  • "The Triangle" is a personal favorite

    "The Triangle" was a great mini series. It had me at the edge of my seat the whole time it aired! The cast and the special effects were great. This is a mini series i would see over and over again. I hope one day they put it to DVD!
  • A decent show, worth watching

    I watched this and was impressed, I am a fan of all things spooky, and with Threshold cancelled we need something else on the TV.

    Even though The Triangle has its flaws, it is still an enjoyable watch and worthy of following to the end.

    Only shame is that its only a 3 part miniseries, maybe if the ratings are good it will mean a full series too.

    Some people might moan, but the more programmes of this type the better, we really are spoilt for choice at the moment, but i would rather have the choice then no choice at all.

    Rejoice in the good programming coming from Sci Fi, and dont worry if one or two are a bit naff.
  • I just finished watching the show, and I must say, I really liked it.

    I personally liked the show alot, and that's because I really like the concept of time travel.

    It all began when I first watched Back to the Future movies, and absolutly loved them, and later saw alot of sci-fi series such as star trek and babylon 5 used alot of time travel in their episodes.
    Now, almost every Star Trek episode that has to do with time travel ain't that good (and I'm a Star Trek fan, so don't kill me!), and The Triangle didn't do the time travel part that good either, but the concept of ripples in space time travelling backwards in time is really fascinating!

    This aint a new thing though, it's said that Merlin aged backwards, and therefore remembered future events for instance.
    I've read somewhere that if time travel would be possible, we would only be able to go as far back, as to when someone first turned on the "time machine", but with this ripple "theory" you start with the time travel, and end up when you push the start button.

    Back to the show, I thought the acting was good, the CGI was not that bad either (it was a miniseries and can't compete with a movie budget), and the third episode was just mind blowing.
    When watching the first two episodes, I thought they were going to destroy the show by having an bad ending, but I must say, the ending was almost the best part, and that's a rare thing!

    I really hope that they make a new miniseries or an all new show, based on the characters or the universe of this show! Because I want more!
  • Very interesting, very interesting. Odd, but interesting.

    This mini-series was very good. Very intriguing show. The topic of the Brimuta Triangle is a very controversial topic. There are many different theories of the Brimuta Triangle. This mini-series did a great job of incorporating many of those theories into one story. It was great! From the beginning of the mini-series, I was hooked. I could not wait until the next part (but obviously I had to). The Triangle was well played out and well acted. I was very interested and intrigued before about the Brimuta Triangle and I am happy that they finally made something that people like me can talk about. It puts a visual on something that was only talked about before. It was definitely amazing.
  • A compelling Sci-Fi mini-series that had me biting my nails at some points and losing interest at others.

    Triangle is a good show with an intersting premise. It's like an extra-long movie with some intersting characters. I wish there were more strong female characters. Some of the scenes were shot in such a amnner that they were difficult to see clearly (pretty much any scene shot at 'night') - it would have been much better to watch in HD.

    The premise of the show is reminiscent of other Star Trek episodes like Voyager's Before and After where characters are inexplicably thrust into alternate realities/timeframes.

    Overall, it is a well-written show well-worth the six hours spent watching it. I recommend it to anyone who likes sci-fi.