The Triangle

Syfy (Mini-Series 2005)


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  • For those of you who need something to watch when ABC is airing a LOST re-run.

    Now, to clarify, The Triangle is not going to be able to replace Lost. However, it will offer you a somewhat comfortable respite on your off nights. The Triangle is a mini-series based on the paranormal phenomenon that is the Bermuda Triangle. The show follows a scientist, a tabloid jounalist, an "extreme" metoroligist and a psychic through their experiences with the Bermuda Triangle. Each one of them are part of a team, compiled by a cargo delivering millionaire, to find out why his cargo ships continue to go down in the southern Atlantic. After a few days into the journey though, the team begins to experience strange occurances in their real life. For the most part, the show has an entertaining storyline that seems to keep you curious. It has a great cast led by Sam Neil and Eric Stultz, and plenty of special effects to reel you in to the story's more unbelievable aspects. What else do you have to do with your "LOST" time. Get it?