The Triangle

Syfy (Mini-Series 2005)


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  • I just finished watching the show, and I must say, I really liked it.

    I personally liked the show alot, and that's because I really like the concept of time travel.

    It all began when I first watched Back to the Future movies, and absolutly loved them, and later saw alot of sci-fi series such as star trek and babylon 5 used alot of time travel in their episodes.
    Now, almost every Star Trek episode that has to do with time travel ain't that good (and I'm a Star Trek fan, so don't kill me!), and The Triangle didn't do the time travel part that good either, but the concept of ripples in space time travelling backwards in time is really fascinating!

    This aint a new thing though, it's said that Merlin aged backwards, and therefore remembered future events for instance.
    I've read somewhere that if time travel would be possible, we would only be able to go as far back, as to when someone first turned on the "time machine", but with this ripple "theory" you start with the time travel, and end up when you push the start button.

    Back to the show, I thought the acting was good, the CGI was not that bad either (it was a miniseries and can't compete with a movie budget), and the third episode was just mind blowing.
    When watching the first two episodes, I thought they were going to destroy the show by having an bad ending, but I must say, the ending was almost the best part, and that's a rare thing!

    I really hope that they make a new miniseries or an all new show, based on the characters or the universe of this show! Because I want more!