The Triangle

Syfy (Mini-Series 2005)


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  • 4 hours of my life i will never get back...actually 2 hrs and 20 minutes considering I have my trusty TiVo remote to get through all the commercials

    Now I know what your going to say The Triangle was a six hour miniseries. Well after the first part, which was fantastic, the show went downhill. Come on people, I'm so sick of all these government conspiracy bull crap that every show is trying to rake in viewers with. Who god damn cares!!! And who cares that Ritchie Valens keeps losing his mind...just pause...sing La Bamba...and then splat...shoot yourself.
    There's another thing, you think a few special effects in the first two parts and Catherine bell is going to suck the real world into giving up their nights of there life for this show. People, the triangle is surrounded by water and we barely got to see her in a bikini. Now that would have broke up the monotonous dialogue but when it come down to it she looks like a damn gold fish. So freakin what if she sticks those saggy boobies in a push up bra and a few million people all of a sudden think J.A.G. deserves an Emmy. Damn the Si-Fi channel!!! This may be cruel but I will meet them in, me, and the guys who canceled 7th Heaven.