The Triangle

Syfy (Mini-Series 2005)


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  • Wow, that was complete disappointment!

    First time when I heard Bryan Singer was going to shoot the mini series named "The Triangle" I was on cloud nine. It took me a while to get this show on DVD in my county. Unfortunately, the excitement was replaced with disappointment. The cast looked promising. Sam Neill, Lou Diamond Phillips and Catherine Bell directed by Bryan Singer. The problem was not with the cast, but with the script. The plot of missing ships and planes was all right, but the writer made up a ridiculous explanation to all that. Electromagnetic anomaly caused by scientists in 1940’s? I do not think so. This is nature! There are lots of similar or totally different anomalies all over the world. They are not caused by humans!
    This is one big minus for the show and the huge minus is the conclusion of the show.
    They magically fixed the problem by not doing anything and the time returned, corrected everything like it never existed and only those five people involved in finding the reason of the anomaly remembered those two realities. I am certain Bryan Singer could have avoided this screenplay and did not have to stain his reputation.
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