The Triangle

Syfy (Mini-Series 2005)


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  • 45 minutes of my life I will never get back...

    EDIT: This is not a review about the Sci-Fi show "The Triangle". It is about a pilot of a show called "Triangle" which was never picked up. Due to that the section of "my" Triangle got transformed into the Sci-Fi Triangle, but my review is still here. For any mods: PLEASE DELETE, thank you ;)

    I'll just cut to the chase: This is about the worst show I've probably seen in my life...
    The plot is plain and simple. A young couple goes on it's honeymoon on a yacht in bermuda triangle. The opening scene is like the beginning of any CSI-episode... Everything is great, there's lots of laughing and lots of sex and the next morning: The newly wed wife is missing (okay, on CSI she would probably be dead ;-) ). So her husband calls the police, they can't find her, tell him he should stop looking but he doesn't give up... During the pilot he gets one or two clues she might still be alive (alltough we know she still is, whatelse would be the point of this series?) but there is this "creepy" cop who tries to sabotage him every single time. So far so boring, but there are shows with worse plot which still are more fun to watch.
    Why this show really sucks? Well, for starters the music is AWFUL. Never have I seen/heard such bad taste in music in all the wrong moments. Hip-Hop music, raggae, pop but everytime in the wrong place. There's a scene which is supposed to be thrilling and they play some hip-hop (I think). There's a scene which is supposed to be emotional and they play some happy music instead of something touching. A deaf person would have done a better job...
    Additionally the dialog is just cr*p. It's like taken from an improvised school play of 10-year-olds. There's a line spoken by the main-character (he's doctor) that is so cheesy, it actually hurt (and still does): "Saving a life is one of the greatest feelings in the world. It will bring you joy everytime you think about it." - You don't tell!!! Who would've thought?! Should I mention, that the actor who plays the main-character actually is the best actor in the series? At least you can see he's trying, although this doesn't prevent him from failing...
    I recall a scene, pretty much at the beginning, in where the vanished wife (which at least is fun to look at - just too bad she's now probably not getting that much air-time) gets out of the water and walks up to her husband. It reminded me A LOT of this James Bond scene, where Bo Derek gets out of the water. If this is wanted, it's an insult :-)
    Overall: Stay away from this unless you like to torture yourself... I still have a headache from this...